Applying your training plan to TrainingPeaks and connecting to Zwift


@Coach_Theia Can´t find the “Export Workout File” button in TP. Can you help?


Click on the workout to bring up the pop up window. Then, in the upper right corner you’ll see a button for ‘upload’ and ‘analyze’. Right underneath those is the icon for export workout file.



Hi - I now have a TP account and have connected it to Zwift but I think I need you to re-send the invitation for the training plan? Sorry I am so behind - have been traveling.


Hi Beth- I just sent it to you again.


Anyone problems with applying week 5? This is what I get everytime I try …
Any suggestions?


Hi Kirsten- I see the plan applied to pretty much everyone who received the link yesterday. Let me send it to you again.


I’m very sorry Theia, I received the email now but I have the same issue as Kirsten now - something is obviously strange. Sorry to cause this double work for you.