Cyclocross Racing and Training


That’s awesome hahaha! We had a Halloween CX race as well here. I did not wear a costume though- next year I will! So my race yesterday was in 40F weather but guess what? Two minutes into the race and I did not feel cold at all! I was only wearing one layer (my long-sleeves skin suit, leg warmers and gloves- pic below) and it couild have been 40F or 70F same thing- I was sweating and hot! The problem is only the before and after- you definitely need a shelter. Try it!!!

In case you have not seen it, I have the videos of my first 6 races up on YouTube:

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Have you seen this? It’s awesome #goals


It’s great that you have caught the cross bug! The more you ride in cold, muddy, wet, snowy conditions, the more you want to. It’s like being 10 years old again! The trick is to be a little cool (cold) at start. You will warm right up. I have a pair of sealskinz waterproof socks which were so handy this weekend. We have a lot of standing water on the trails. At one point, the water was over my feet when they were level on my pedals. My feet stayed dry.
The second trick is not to get too cold when finished. I always bring a warm pair of clothes, socks, hat, gloves to change into. I remove all sweaty clothes (including bra) after winter racing or riding.

I’m really liking that power slide too! You need to video your sliding practice.

You can borrow my unicorn costume for next year.