Getting set up on Training Peaks



I’m setting up my Training Peaks account and I need to put the threshold values in. I use a heart rate monitor and have a power meter, so have lots of data.

Heart rate threshold says 161-179. Which value do I enter?

My FTP is 163, do I put that for the power threshold? The range on Strava for threshold power is 147-171.

Hope someone can help. :crossed_fingers:



Hi JP,

Yes, enter your FTP as your power threshold in TrainingPeaks. As for HR, enter the maximum you’ve ever recorded, so in your case, 179. Note that for our purposes, the workouts will be based on FTP only, so HR is a metric for your personal reference.

Hope this helps!


Perfect thanks Theia!


I had no trouble getting set-up - your instructions and links were great @Coach_Theia!! One thing I wondered is whether other than Zwift, you advise connecting other apps like Strava or Garmin watch or MyFitnessPal to TrainingPeaks. I connected Strava and my Garmin both to MYFitnessPal and I have to watch that stuff doesn’t show up twice -


Question regarding FTP: I did my last FTP test at the beginning of February and then ended up taking about 6 weeks off the bike after getting stem cell injections in both knees due to arthritis and likely meniscus tears. My FTP was 169. I’ve been back on the bike since the beginning of April. Recently I did the Giro time trial and Zwift detected 180 as a new threshold value. Would you recommend sticking with 169, going up to 180 or doing a new FTP test to get started with the challenge?


I would go with the 180w and see how it feels during the workouts. You can manually adjust it down if it seems too high.


Last week I managed to copy and paste, or move, the Core Workouts to the days I wanted. But it’s not working this week. I’m thinking maybe I’m doing it wrong? I’ve tried directly moving it but that doesn’t work. I’ve also tried copy & paste - the copy bit works but the Paste is greyed out and requires upgrading TP. Any ideas?


Not sure what;'s going on, Sarah… The good news is that you can open the workout on your computer/app from any day because they are all the same, and do them that way. For next week, I will have them on the calendar every day.


@sarahjane maybe it’s because the free premium access for 2 weeks is over?