Getting started with your 30-Day Cycling Challenge


Thanks Theia - will give it a try.


What are people planning to do to work in 3 workouts and ToW#7?

I figure it’s 2-2.5 hour ride (my best Alpe time is 1:22).

Thoughts? Thanks!


That replaces a workout for those not used to training several days/week…


Thanks-I can probably handle it if I don’t blast up the Alpe. I ride 5-6 days week/up ~ 180isk K/110 miles and finished 6 weeks of gravel grinder. I’ll try for the three workouts, #7, and maybe < 2.0 group ride.


Sounds good. Space them out as much as you can during the week, then do back-to-back on the weekend if you can.


Hi, i received the training plan in my inbox and after accepting it, it doesnt appear in my training plan? Any tips?


please see this post which should answer your question:


@Coach_Theia did the 50km charity ride yesterday. I really enjoyed it. I wasn’t too exhausted afterwards, as I didn’t really push myself to the limit. Was a bit chilly but otherwise perfect.


That’s great! Still a good idea to take it easy today :slight_smile:


Will do, Thanks.



Should we make the workouts public - setting is private by default. Or do we give you access to somehow?


Great question! To track completion, you will need to share the links to the completed workouts in the form I will be providing later today in a separate thread. In order to do that, you will need to set the workout to “public” in TrainingPeaks. This is how to do it:

Open the completed workout and check the box at the bottom to make it public, then click on the “link” icon to get the shareable link: