Link to submit workouts completed (Workout Log)


Hello WCC Participants :muscle:

As you may remember, you need to complete at least 2 workouts/week to advance to the next week. I understand that things can happen, so if you were not able to complete at least 2 of the 3 weekly workouts, there is a place for you to enter a quick explanation.

At the end of each week or upon completion of all the weekly workouts (whichever happens earlier), please submit the links to your workouts using the forms below. So you will only submit one survey per week, which will include the links to that week’s workouts.

Note: this is a thread about filling out and using the workout logs/links only. Discussions about the workouts themselves have their own weekly thread.

Week 1 workout log

Week 2 workout log

Week 3 workout log

Week 4 workout log

Week 5 workout log

Week 2 Wokouts Discussion - Women's Cycling Challenge

Here is how to copy and paste your workout links from TrainingPeaks.

  1. Set the workout to “public” in TrainingPeaks. Open the completed workout and check the box at the bottom to make it public
  2. Next, click on the “link” icon to get the shareable link. Do a copy and paste of the link into the form above.
  3. Give yourself a big hug!



Hi @j523w! Awesome job on completing the workout! Please see instructions above on how and when to submit the links. I need to have them submitted through the Survey Monkey list to be able to compile and manipulate all the data from 145 participants. Otherwise I’d be spending days going through forum posts… Thank you!


wow…145. That crept up from 25 :rofl::wink:


Hi @Coach_Theia - do you need us to submit the links for any IRL rides we do in place of a third workout? Mind you, I don’t have a power meter IRL so it may not be useful anyway!


Right? And I got 90% of the applications within 2-3 hs of posting about the challenge! With such positive responses and after reading through all the applications, I really felt compelled to extend the opportunity to more participants.


Hi Sarah, you can if you would like (can be from Strava), or you may just indicate that the third workout was was an IRL ride.


It’s so amazing to see how women’s cycling is changing so fast. I bet even 12-18 months ago, the response wouldn’t have been at the same level. Thank you for “going large” for us all!


Hi @Coach_Theia! First I want to say a HUGE thank you for all you are doing for all of us!
So, I tried to submit the workouts but I believe I did it incorrectly. I see now you want it submitted from Training Peaks and not from strava is that correct? And my second question is about Training Peaks. I have never used it so I am still fumbling my way through it. Before I did workout number two I did an FTP test but I see that it took the information from strava from the FTP test and put it into the workout 2 block on Training Peaks. Is there any way to correct it? Thank you again for your time!


Hi Diana- you are welcome! A link either from Strava or TrainingPeaks is fine for the submission, so no worries. As for the ride uploading onto the wrong workout in TrainingPeaks, you can separate them as explained here:


Oops! Theia, because I submitted my first workout right after I did it, survey monkey is now telling me I have already done the survey and will not let me go in to add any workout at all…is there a way to start over? I have TrainingPeaks premium if that helps for this time around…I know now to submit all at once…



No worries @Sylvie I saw your rides on Strava :wink: I do need to have the survey to keep track of everyone through a spreadsheet, and because you’ve already submitted it, you are set.


@Coach_Theia Hello, I made my workouts public in Training Peaks, but then couldn’t find the link to copy them. I’m using the training peaks app, didn’t see that option to copy the workout link… do you know how to do that in the app?

I just uploaded my Strava links, hope that’s ok!


Hi @PneeZee Strava is fine, thank you!


Coach_Theia, I also summited my survey after workout 1. I was able to open the survey on my phone but had to type the url because it would not let me copy and paste them. Here they are again incase it didn’t work correctly.





Got it, thanks.


I was a bit keen earlier in the week and submitted wo 1&2 via the survey when I thought I’d be doing an outdoor ride instead of wo3. In the end I did both, so have just submitted another survey with the the wo3 link. Hope that doesn’t mess things up.

Doing the workouts outside is a lot of fun! For the 3rd one I had the cadence targets on my top tube which helped. You don’t get stars in real life, but you do get fresh air and lovely views!

For some reason, my compliance pie chart (on the app) has a red chunk. Can’t quite see why as I think I’ve done everything on the schedule. Am going to check now :mag:

Thoroughly enjoying the programme so far, thank you. :grin:


Sounds good @jenny! Glad you did the workout outside! I agree with you, it’s loads of fun. Not sure why you have red in the TrainingPeaks chart- but probably not a big deal…


Hi Theia

Im making them public but I cant see a link button. What am I doing wrong?