Link to submit workouts completed (Workout Log)


Just submitted…


hummm not sure @JOFFERS… are you doing it via mobile device or computer? If via computer, you should see the link icon as shown in the screen shot above.


Hi Theia, im on an apple computer. This is all i see!



I also have an Apple computer… That’s very odd. Looks like you are using a previous version of TP- you don’t have some of the features shown on the screen shot such as the faces showing how it felt/rate of perceived exertion, etc.

I would suggest logging out, closing your browser and logging in again at

If that does not work, I bet you can just share the link on your internet browser when you have the completed workout open on your screen and that would work (like it used to in the old version).


I have submitted using strava link, hope that works. Thx


Yes, of course.


I’d missed marking a core workout as complete. My bad!


Hi Theia

I have accepted the week 2 training plan but it’s not showing up in my TP calender.

Not loving TP :((((


Did you apply the plan to your calendar as shown here?


I read another thread and figured it out. It’s all sorted now. Thanks


not sure this is where to post my question.
First after I do my zwift ride, automatically goes over to TP.
Told me it did today. But when I click on the workout on the calendar , didn’t show anything for today.
I uploaded my 2.1 to the survey monkey, and completed 2.3 per your instructions,
made it public, but the link won’t go darker blue and not allowing me to submit the link,
Also in the upper right hand corner, I can’t get analyse to com up
Im not great at finding and sending files on my apple computer either and can’t seem to do any of this on my iPhone.
Sorry , I was able to upload everything last week, but for some reason, didn’t let me upload 2.3


I knew I would figure it out once I asked the question.
I did 2.2 instead of 2.3
I am so sorry.
OF course it came up correctly when I brought the page up.
thank you


Read your reply on IRL rides, but can’t figure out how to upload links from Strava, so tookscreen shots. Saturday was a VERY challenging hil ride, and Monday was a railtrail ride with the challenge of dodging a stream of Memorial Day celebrants—strollers, walkers, runners, bikers. Very crowded. Was long but slow. Biked with non-biking friends. Here are screen shots.


Awesome @sherry

@EllieB got it


- I thought this could be useful for everyone - in the free version of training peaks - display the workout in ‘full windows’ mode… and the link can be copied.


I was hoping to do Week 2 this coming week, but maybe I should just go right to Week 3 with rest of group? I did Week 1, two plans, but can’t submit via Survey Monkey.


Yes, please submit the links from week 1 using the week 2 survey, and let’s plan on week 3 next.


Now it won’t let me resubmit the Survey Monkey form—says I’ve already taken the survey. So, here are my links—turns out you can’t get the link in the mobile app—must sign in to website.
1.2. and 1.3.


Hi @Coach_Theia i resubmitted week 1. Should i also go straight to week 3 as well? I am still keen to do week 2, however i am a week behind now.