Link to submit workouts completed (Workout Log)


I sent you a PM @puggles but yes, on to week 3!


Hi Theia

Did you receive my 3 rides from week 2?



Yes, and it was included in the second batch per this timeline.


@Coach_Theia just curious, do you still have all 125 women participating in this challenge or has that number dropped?


Interesting question. On this date, the number of women who STARTED the challenge does not seem to have dropped (if it did, it was maybe 1-2). So between the first week and today- no dropps.

Nevertheless, not all women who signed up started!


Thank you!!!



Interesting!! Thanks for answering!


Hi Theia. I have a question. Now that i’m not on the free TP anymore it wont let me move the workouts to the days I can ride. If its scheduled for tomorrow but I can only ride Wednesday, will it still be in Zwift workouts when I login?


The basic edition does not allow future planning, so what you can do is, on Wednesday, you should be able to move Tuesday’s workout to Wednesday. Do it before starting Zwift and it should work.


Perfect, thanks


I try to stay off of the computer on the weekends, so I just submitted the links to last week’s workouts.


Hi Stacy- I submitted the second batch this earlier morning, and the next cut off is in a few hours when I am back at my computer, so you will get it by then.

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