Monday Check in!

Fabulous weekend all around @vivian.a.workman !!

Over the weekend i did my usual 100K Saturday ride. I was feeling fresh so went pretty hard on segments and on the paceline. Pretty cool when you are the “only woman standing” on the hard paceline on headwinds after half of the people and all women dropped back to the peloton.

On Sunday I went for another group ride that I thought was going to be 40 miles but turned into 55 and I ended up working more than I planned to. I usually don’t do 2 back-to-back group ride days because I feel like one is enough mentally and physically. So it was one of those “okay” rides.

Monday was the highlight of the weekend - the Chicago Revo crew got together for a chill trail ride. Chill but it was HOT and steamy, and my total riding time ended up at 2.5 hs as I rode to meet with everyone. Bummed that @PaleGail couldn’t make it. @vivian.a.workman it was great meeting Jane! She speaks highly of you :smiley:

I’m taking it easy this week. I started a new strength build on Sunday and legs are a bit toast.


It was a crazy humid weekend here. I did way too much outside and opted not to do my strength training. I did a 20 min Pilates session.
I did saturdays WO indoors. Finally got my bike fixed and it seems to be working.

I rode outdoors Sunday and just missed the deluge of rain. So I had to have a coffee and a gf vegan goodie!

I am doing the WZRL races this season and @coach can you please remind me of the timing for eating prior to the race. Ours are at 7:20 pm. Thanks.

Should I do part of the scheduled WO or the race warm up and how long before the race?

My brain is stressed between possibly moving soon and start of school. I haven’t been sleeping well and I’m figuring it’s stress.

It’ll all sort itself out eventually.


@Gossimrr regarding timing of the pre-race meal, please refer to the graph below. It says breakfast, but the same applies to events at any time of the day. How early you eat depends on your schedule/when you can eat and how much. For a race in the evening, everything you eat and drink that day needs to be focused on fueling for your race. Then when it’s close to race time, you just have a snack.

Don’t do part of the scheduled workout, just do the warm up + race. Best to finish your warm up about 5 min before the race start. I usually do my warm up in the pen.

Let me know if you have any more questions.

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It’s like a switch was flipped here and we went from record breaking heat in the 90s to pleasant fall days in the 70s and cool nights. I had to wear arm warmers on my morning commute a few times last week! Did the workout Saturday plus an hour but kept it more chill than usual. Led a Zwift group ride on Sunday. Also towed my winter bike to the shop for some pre-season work. It needs a thorough clean and lube and some replacement of parts that are beginning to get a bit rusty from riding on salty winter streets. It also needs a new saddle because the current one is old, and it cracked so bad last winter it is being held together with rainbow duck tape. On the way home from the shop we stopped at the lake near my house where the city has a mountain of free wood chips and I hauled home a couple bags for the garden paths.

My neighborhood holds a Monarch Festival this time every year at the lake and we walked over on Saturday to enjoy some Mexican folk dancing and laughing at all the little kids wearing butterfly wings and running around.


It was a very stressful weekend with all the house stuff and the hurricane winds but no rain. I did a solo ride to the state park. It was such a lovely day. Kinda nice being by myself.

Idid manage two WOs and a race. I think it was a win.


Missed this last post @Gossimrr - way to win your week! And that is a power pose in that pic!

Happy Monday, everyone!

On my part nothing extraordinary by certain standards: I didn’t race, didn’t win a race, didn’t go anywhere exotic, didn’t do a super long or epic ride. Nevertheless, feeling quite fulfilled and grateful for being able to ride every day, do strength training, and work hard- overcoming mental barriers to completing certain hard intervals and proving to myself that I CAN. When there is no extrinsic goal or need for validation, we are free to work on becoming a better version of ourselves- a little bit every day.


Happy Monday everyone
Managed 2 rides last week due to work and such. Monday was a charity golf tournament (won women’s longest drive), Tuesday I did the ZRL race and felt good. Wednesday did Mad Max on a z climb and continued to the end. Felt good and focused.
Thursday I did my shorter run workout during the local run shops pub run. Friday swim and evening yardwork.
Saturday was a non-workout day helping someone move. Just a lot of travel time but I did get to hang out with my parents.
Sunday I did a 10mile trail run in prep for my 50k. Pacing was fine, managed to give some blood to the trail gods when I tripped on the second branch (I missed the first hidden in the tall grass).
Overall it wasn’t a bad week and I was close to hitting all my pace goals. And managed 2 strength and 1 core workout. A bit sore today.
Less than 3 weeks until my first 50k trail race. At this point I know it’s more mental keeping my body on pace than physical. I’ve got 2 more longer run (still nothing over 3 hours) until it’s go time. I’ve found the TriDot plans are always a bit under prepared for a running only race but it’s better than doing too much and getting injured. Race has 4871’ gain with 3 major climbs (over 400) and I did almost 1100’over 10 miles with the first 2 being entirely downhill (and conversely the last 2 uphill).


Trilogy 50k


@Coach_Theia thank you for the compliment on my picture LOved your Monday reflection.

@vivian.a.workman I get tired just reading your post and I can’t keep up with you!

I had off today from school and while we have jump one hurdle, we have a signed contrat on the house, I am stressing over family troubles with my son and the apartment search. Limbo is very hard for me. I am thinking my next accountability may be meditation!

It rained here all weekend so Zwift it was. Recon for the team TT saturday and sunday. I haven’t ridden outside in two weekends.

I’m sorry to be missing the over/unders tomorrow as I’m racing. I do like them.


Resistance to change and dislike of uncertainty is the brain playing tricks on us. The brain likes what is familiar, what is repetition, and as such, we cling to the familiar things- to the point that even something negative or detrimental feels comforting. It’s crazy- and it’s one of the central things about meditation- to break this cycle, to became aware of these thoughts that by no means should represent who we are- or control us. So I’d vote for Meditation! I’d also recommend this book:

Yesterday I had the privilege to do bike support for the Heartland Marathon in Omaha. This was my second year doing the support. It is a long 6 hour work but so gratifying to cheer on these courageous runners of all ages, shapes and sizes. I also had the honor to provide lead protection for the first place female finisher of the full marathon.


I surprised myself today. I decided to do a route that I’ve skipped over for almost 2 years as it has been kind of a frustrating ride. But today I kicked the frustration by doing something I haven’t been able to in 4 yrs which was to do the climb without stopping to catch my breath. It’s not that far a climb (under 4 miles) and the vert in that segment is around 950’ but it can be steep in a few sections without any places to recover. I was super happy ! It’s thanks to this program and while at times I think oh wow this is a tough workout, it definitely pays off. Thanks @Coach_Theia !


Oh so true. I was in an abusive relationship, not physical but controlling so I know what you are saying. And I am aware that it’s happening, now. I am trying to frame things positively or with hope and reason.

I am going to try meditation more consistently. I will check out that book as well. Thanks for the recommendation.

I guess as long as I have a good coffee shop and some gluten free foods in my next neighborhood I should be happy.

Thanks for sharing the book. Ive read a lot of her stuff and I will check this one out.

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@tank35girl big CONGRATS!!! This is all the result of your hard work!! Keep it up!