Rides outside of planned workouts


In two weeks I will be completing a 3-day, 150 mile charity bike ride (50 miles per day). I am wondering how to adapt the training plan to incorporate preparation for the ride and the ride itself. This week I am doing workouts MWF, which leaves me the ability to do a longer, outdoor ride with my training partner on Sunday. The following week I should also be able to do all 3 workouts, but what about the week of the ride? Maybe just two workouts that week? Or is it better to get in another long ride before the event? Ride days will be slow and relaxed, not races, but I want to make sure I can finish. I don’t usually do multiple days in a row.


What day(s) exactly are the charity rides?


@Coach_Theia Friday/Saturday/Sunday June 7, 8, 9. I did a 47 mile ride last week (for my 47th birthday!). I have also been repeating Zwift Academy workouts at least once a week and doing one longer ride each week.


Happy Birthday! We were both born in the same year and month, although for my bday I got 47 degrees instead- hahaha!

Here is how you should structure the next 2 weeks if you can:

  • THIS WEEK- skip Friday’s (third) workout and do two longer, back-to-back rides on Saturday and Sunday at the pace you expect do hold at the event. Target time in the saddle and not distance (about 2.5 hrs each day)
  • Next week: do workouts on Wed and Friday, then a 1.5-2h easy ride on Sunday
  • Week of the event: check back with me on how you are feeling, and we’ll decide


Thank you @Coach_Theia, this is very helpful! I was incredibly lucky to get a beautiful riding day for my birthday. You are right, almost every other day this month has been 47 degrees. I will plan on doing the longer rides this weekend. Looks like it may be good practice for riding in the rain. Rain is in the forecast every day for the next two weeks!




Rides outside…weather was awesome yesterday so did easy MTB trails…my husband is travelling for work but home right now so joining in on outdoor rides :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: I don’t have a power meter for outdoors (thinking about getting one), is it ok to just adjust rides depending on what is scheduled here? For example a long endurance ride or shorter MTB trail ride…or is it best to swap one of the workouts? I did do endurance rides last year based on HR, which worked ok before it got too hot!

Trying to be a good student and stay disciplined but outdoor is calling lol :innocent:

Thanks again for the opportunity. Enjoyed the workouts last week!


Hi Sylvie- yes, go enjoy those outdoor rides! Best to swap for one of the workouts if you are not used to the load. See how your legs feel, but know that it’s OK to swap.


I also did a mtb ride outside yesterday - couldn’t resist the weather! Which workout would you recommend swapping that for this week? Love this program, by the way!


Thank you, Cheryl! You can swap 2.1


Feeback on my holiday ride yesterday.
It was a windy 80 miles with a group, but even after a week I felt the difference in training. There were several times where I started to get dropped and needed to catch back up. Previously I would have sprinted all out, been exhausted when I did catch up, and been unable to hold the pace. After a week of learning to work at and hold specific wattages I was able to tell myself, “conscious application of calculated power” (yes, I really talk to myself like that). Then I could ride at a moderately hard power, catch up, and still be able to hang on when I got there.


That is great @stacypro and really what training is all about- so you can control your effort and know how to use it and for how long. And over time, effective training will give you many tools in your newly-created toolbox, and you will know how to use them (which cadence/power combos work for different situations and terrain, etc.), in addition to developing strength. That’s why an effective training methodology is one that translates directly to what you would do in “real life”. And that is also why you will never see me prescribe 2x20 min-type steady intervals.


@Coach_Theia - I have a metric century ride event on Sunday this week. I normally do the cycling workouts M/W/F - should I still do all 3 this week? Thanks!


HI Cheryl- it depends on your level of fitness, how much you have been training, and your goal for the event. How have you been feeling with the challenge? How many hours/week do you ride on average?


@Coach_Theia - during the challenge, I’ve been trying to stick to just the prescribed workouts to make sure I can give them my all and learn the most from it (I’ve felt great doing them, but definitely need the rest days in between). I’ve been riding anywhere form 3-5 hours per week lately. I don’t necessarily need to be among the first to finish the metric ride, but I don’t want to be the last one either - so around 17-18 mph (which for me is a pretty fast pace, I’m a turtle on the road).


Thanks for that background- that’s helpful. In that case, do 3.2 Tuesday and 3.3 on Thursday if you can (skip 3.1). Does that work?


Perfect, thanks for the advice!