Week 1 Workouts Discussion - Women's Cycling Challenge


Hello All! This is a thread to share your comments and ask any questions about the workouts in week #1. I will post a link here soon to the form we will use to track workout completion.


Thank you. Daily Core 2 was great!


Just finished core workout :+1: great :+1: this will keep me accountable, so Thanks for that! I’ll admit I am not good in keeping up to with core work :see_no_evil: but here I go! Few questions…when you say 20 alternating that’s 20 total? Or 40? Newbie here :wink: and we do these everyday? Or only on days that it’s on calendar?

I know you said rest days are rest days…I usually do a hike on my off bike days. I find it helps with ITband issues… Thoughts?

Also…I wanted to stay on track and do workouts as assigned. I am back up lead on a ride tomorrow. :see_no_evil: 60 min 2-2.4…is it ok to do workout and lead? And last question! I know some of us are finishing with stage 7 this week…is there a workout that is best to replace it with? Or just pick one?

Sorry long post…should be good now :woozy_face::crazy_face: thanks again Theia!


Oops just saw do core everyday…I will pay more attention to instructions :+1::joy:


I did 20 on each side🤷🏽‍♀️


Just finished both the core and the ride training.
First I have done pilates off and on for the past 20 yrs and a spinning/bootcamp instructor always stressed core work.
So I really enjoyed the core work, i had gotten away from doing it steadily, and this will keep me accountable
The riding w/out erg , really made me nervous, but I ended up enjoying it more so. Really made me concentrate on everything, cadence, shifting, ect. Not that I did a good job of it, but it’s a learning curve, but I know this will help me tremendously and I totally understand why it should be done.


Every day- I missed that! It’s only on my TP calendar for MWF.


I did too the first time around :woman_shrugging: It’s first line in training peaks workout …I guess we were too excited to start lol :+1:


Hmmm maybe we have different workouts. I don’t have that



Uggg there🤦🏽‍♀️! I was looking at the cycling workouts! See… people don’t read😌! Thanks for pointing that out!


Quick tech question. I’m being lazy as I know I could probably dig around and do my own research, but I’m away from home today so I won’t have time until tomorrow and would appreciate a pointer or two. How do I get TP workouts to show up / sync to Zwift? I have linked my Training Peaks account at my.zwift.com … anything else I need to do?


Hi @Sylvie for core-- start with 10 on each side for the core, so 20 total. It’s on the calendar 3x/week to start for those not used to core workouts, and the recommendation is to build to daily over time (@sehagens26 this should also answer your question) .

Hiking is fine on rest days if you have already been doing it. If the hike is long and/or hard, just adjust as needed if you feel you need better recovery.

A 60m min ride at 2-2.4 w/kg is not a recovery ride, so you can double up - again, if you are used to the load.

Lastly, as mentioned here, replace the workout with the highest TSS.

Hope this helps!


way to go Sherry! It will get better and “easier” over time.


this should answer your question: https://discuss.360velo.com/t/applying-your-training-plan-to-trainingpeaks-and-connecting-to-zwift


Thanks! Looks like I’m good to go then … should show up tomorrow!


Yes, it should with the help of the technology gods!


Yes - all set! Thanks!


I decided to do workouts MWF this week due to my schedule, so I have completed workout number 1. A few thoughts and questions:

  1. That was way harder than I’m used to! It’s the highest FTP I’ve used for a workout and I definitely noticed it. I don’t necessarily think it was too hard, but I do think I need to get used to pushing myself more.

  2. Didn’t use ERG mode, as I usually do with workouts. Took a bit of time to get used to it, but I think I did ok.

  3. I need to focus on my riding position and work on engaging my core. It’s hard to stay focused on that over time.

  4. I seem to have an issue with my cadence values. I have a Kinetic smart control trainer, and a separate Wahoo speed/cadence sensor. I have noticed in all my workouts that my numbers are way off. For example, climbing up the Innsbruck hill during a rest period I was in a really easy gear and spinning quite fast. My cadence value said 35 rpm on Zwift. For the low cadence intervals, my numbers were reading about 85 rpm, even though I set a metronome on my phone to 70 to try to get the right cadence. For some reason it seems to get worse as the workout progresses. The last ramp was particularly bad. I have no idea why this would be - a fault with my sensor, my trainer, or Zwift. Any thoughts would be appreciated. I have the option of using the cadence data from the smart trainer, but that does the same thing.

That is all. I’m looking forward to my core and rest day tomorrow.



Thanks Theia! I shouldn’t have to double up on a regular basis, so should be good :+1: thx re TSS and workouts…I will also endeavour to read more attentively before I ask :woman_facepalming: Cheers !