Week 1 Workouts Discussion - Women's Cycling Challenge


Strange about the cadence. I was going to suggest calibration of the trainer, but if the issue is the same with the Wahoo sensor I am out of ideas on how to solve it… Are you otherwise able to shift and do high/low cadence normally? Maybe do a Google search? Sorry I can’t be of more help.


I’ve got a question about the first workout and I feel really silly asking this but where it says 85%…95%… of FTP, do we work this out or is it automatically done for us - or is it a feeling of working at 85% effort of FTP?


Hi Sue, if you do the workout in Zwift, it will automatically tell you on the screen how many watts to aim for for each interval. Please make sure your FTP in Zwift is setup correctly.


I did a quick search and found loads of posts on Zwift forums from people with the same cadence issue. Didn’t see any solutions, though, so I emailed tech support. Most people notice that the cadence drops very low when on an incline, even when you continue to pedal at the same RPM. That was definitely an issue for me, but not the only issue. I’ll keep working on it.


Completed workout 1. I enjoyed it; found it much more difficult to do high cadence at the end.

I do not know how to enter the TP link


Hi. Did first workout on the bike last night because I have a crazy week ahead with a major paper due for my master’s program. Anyway, I am 95% sure that I did not manage to turn ERG off. Can someone walk me through that? Is ERG automatically on for Zwift workouts as I suspect? Can you turn it off permanently or will I need to turn it off every workout? Also wondering if turning off ERG makes the workout seem more difficult - or just more shifting. I am not used to workouts so was unsure of how it should feel. I stayed well below my max heart rate and did not really feel much burn in the legs.



Thank you @Coach_Theia Looking forward to doing it later today after work.


Workout 1 done. Legs felt the burn.
More so when I started the warm up. Noticed it was 155w. I thought that’s quite high for a warm up. Looked down at the rest for the session and notice the sets had some of the watts at 300 for 2-3 minutes. I can’t do that, so I quickly went into my settings and found, for some unknown reason my FTP was set at 312w. I quickly change to back to what my last test was. Much better. :laughing:


oopps, I missed that too :crazy_face:


Just did the workout1! I’m feeling ok. I guess I must do the FTP test again, actually I have a 180 but I haven’t felt legs burning or something during the workout. Is this ok? I liked it a lot, I turned off the ERG and at first I was disoriented but then I understood how to balance efforts and that was huge! :smiley: :sunny: Thank you @Coach_Theia!


@NUGirl and @Coach_Theia I have the same issues, Jenna we have the same trainer. Its a common problem with kinetic aaccording to fb page. Makes it impossible to do ANY Cadence work in workout mode. Previously I was writing my workouts on paper, picking a course that had rollers (not London) and doing my workout on the course. At least I have more control over CAD and the rollers simulate relief riding aswell. K struggled with this workout due to the Cad issue as there was no way I could match watts and cad based on data I had, so ended up being 1h 25 (inc 10min calibration) of straight, low, riding… worked on the metal toughness side I guess


@Jojo I think I read the same thing. Zwift support says the problem is Bluetooth drops outs/interference but I don’t think that is the case. I do have some times when the Bluetooth won’t connect, but in those cases it just shows no data. I will try the next workout on a really flat course and see if that makes a difference.


@cln1028 kudos for completing workout 1! The high cadence is there to challenge you and work on efficiency. After you complete all of this week’s workouts, please follow these steps.

@Carrie you are correct that the workouts are automatically in ERG mode in Zwift. You can disable ERG from the workout browser screen by toggling the “Use ERG Mode” button at the bottom as you select the workout. You can also turn it off during your workout by clicking the up arrow, or clicking your mouse near the bottom-middle of your screen. This will bring up a menu which includes a button for turning ERG on and off (see below). (On iOS or AppleTV swiping up will let you access this menu.) Looks like you have to do that every time you start a workout, unfortunately.

@susannelindsey 312 w FTP :scream:

@mariannamarcucci if your FTP test was recent, no need to re-do it. See how the next 2 workouts go and if they still feel easy, let me know and we can adjust. Did you do the first workout at the prescribed cadences? Also, keep in mind that this is workout 1 of a 3 week build. Lastly, a workout does not need to destroy your legs to be considered effective. I saw the most gains in my training when I reduced my weekly training hours from 14 hs/week to 10h/week, decreased my total TSS (Training Stress Score) for the week from 600 to 400, and focused more on high quality work, in the right zones, and on technique.


First 2 cycle workouts done. Loved them both. Did the first yesterday after a 16km run - so legs were quite heavy… but managed it. Did the 2nd one today. The 1.30 intervals were hard. Definitely needed the rest to power through the 20/40s.

Now need to do the core workouts :scream::scream:


First workout …check! Enjoyed that! Thanks Theia. I have posted link to the ride. Hopefully all is good. Cheers!


Hi @Sylvie - excellent!! But please note that the survey with the links are to be submitted only once at the end of the week, once you’ve completed all of the weekly workouts. So in your case, wait until you complete the third workout of the week and please submit a complete survey with all 3 links. Thanks!


Perfect! Will do that, thanks!


The first workout is done, I don’t know if my FTP is correct, I did it on Friday, it is not very high (136w). I did for the past 3 weeks the FTP builder and normally started with a warm-up at 90w, and the rest was between 150 - 170w. I started today with the warm-up at 70w, and the sets were 115w 2min, 120w 2min, and 135 1min. It felt a bit easy. Can I change the FTP, or must I rather leave it at 136w? I struggle to stabilize the watt output, and it was jumping around, like a cat on a warm plate. Hopefully, that will get better.


Hi- the first workout was not meant to be a very tough workout. Did you use the low cadence as described? As I mentioned above to Marianna, see how the next 2 workouts go and if they still feel easy, let me know and we can adjust. Having said that, how long were you holding 150-170 watts for? 170w for you is 125% of FTP, which is a VO2 workout, so am curious to know how long those intervals were to have an idea if your FTP of 136w is a good estimate.

Also, need to be careful when comparing workouts and training plans. Different workouts target different systems (power zones) and skills (although some plans only focus on power and neglect skills). In addition, plans are a progression that need to make sense and are built as such.


That’s great I thought I did something wrong.

It was part of the workout, 4min at 150w and 4min at 155 and then 3min at 90w and 1min at 170w.
My average cadence was 72.