Week 1 Workouts Discussion - Women's Cycling Challenge


I completed the first workout today, struggled each time after the 4 min rest to get to the watts, I always went way to high then way too low, by the fifth set I was getting it, my cadence on Zwift stopped working halfway through but I had my Garmin on so was keeping an eye on that for cadence. I enjoyed having the structured workout rather than just cycling on Zwift, I’ve just got a lot of improvements to make but then that’s why I’ve joined this challenge. Thanks for the opportunity


I have just finished the first workout and what an epic fail. I just fluctuated massively between need more power to need less power. Found it very difficult to match RPM and Watts, doing something very wrong. Should I repeat this or move on to the next workout? Found cycling up the Alpe on Monday easier than this:rofl::joy::rofl:


Same for me! Here to learn and to learn from! A lot seem to race… I just enjoy riding and want to ride hard and strong with the most efficiency!


If you are used to only doing workouts in ERG then yes, it will feel like you are juggling 10 balls in the air! If you have trouble matching power and cadence, adjust each a little bit as needed to find what works best, staying close to the targets (it does not need to be prefect/precise). Varying 5 watts and 5 or so rpms is fine.

No need to repeat he workout @davinak6

@sehagens26 I don’t know which cassette I have :see_no_evil: but I virtually never use the small chainring in the front, unless I am doing a very steep climb.


Oh wow! I’ve always heard… spinning is winning so I typically ride the small chainring with about an 90+ RPM. Have been told why burn your legs out🤷🏽‍♀️!

I’ve only done workouts in Zwift in ERG so this is very different for me. I had to stay in the big chainring to hit the power/cadence match.

Again, looking forward to learning with you!


@sehagens26 please check out this post to find out why the “spinning is winning” is a misleading concept: https://discuss.360velo.com/t/the-importance-of-cadence-training-in-cycling


Checking now! Thanks! Love this group!!


Just finished the second workout (I’m M/W/F for cycling this week). Wow, that was tough - those 1:30 intervals were killers. I really like training without ERG mode, though! Rather than just fighting the trainer to keep out of the death spiral, I can focus on what the targets are and figure out what I need to do to hit that.


Hi @Coach_Theia, I have a few questions. Do you want us to submit workouts as they are completed, or wait until the end of the week? Also, do you consider Saturday or Sunday the end of the week? I just did stage 7 of Tour if Watopia last night (163TSS, yikes!) so today is definitely a rest day. I moved Tuesday’s planned workout to Sunday, because I don’t want to miss out on the structured workouts.
Do you want us to submit any and all rides that we do during the week (including recovery rides), or just the assigned workouts?
Last but not least, I linked my Zwift and Garmin Connect accounts to Training Peaks, but none of my past activity synced. I also did an outdoor easy ride on Sunday with my Garmin that didn’t upload to Training Peaks. Any tips? TIA!!


I realize this maybe should have been posted under a different topic - like “getting started” but I’m new to this - sorry!


Hi Heather- this thread should answer most of your questions about when/how to submit workouts.

No need to submit rides in addition to the workouts unless they replace one of the workouts.

As for uploading past activities from Garmin to TrainingPeaks, see this article- it also has a link to FAQs and troubleshooting: https://help.trainingpeaks.com/hc/en-us/articles/204070854-Garmin-Connect-AutoSync


Workout 2 today was really, really hard for me. Halfway through I finally figured out how to reduce the FTP and the rest of the workout felt better. Still felt relatively impossible to maintain a steady power and the problem with my cadence values being dead wrong doesn’t help. I’m going to play around with using other devices to display the cadence data. Feeling a bit discouraged after that one.


I completed the first workout yesterday. I have a weird issue where my outdoor FTP is about 10% higher than my indoor FTP (same power meter). I think it’s because my trainer has a pretty minimal flywheel effect … so anyway I’m using my indoor FTP for these workouts. Workout 1.1 felt a little on the easy side but it sounds like that’s about right. I’ll see how 1.2 goes tomorrow.

I utterly failed on doing 1.1 without ERG mode. I’d chosen a really rolling course (NY Park Perimeter; I guess I should I have turned trainer difficulty slider down to zero?) and then with the cadence being prescribed I kept finding myself in situations where I could either hit power, or cadence, but not both. In one gear hitting the cadence wouldn’t give me enough power, but in the next gear the same cadence would push me above the target power. And then I was getting little power dropouts too, which just aggravated the whole mess. I gave up about 15 minutes in and turned ERG on. On a positive note, my core strength is getting better and I found the high cadence intervals no problem, even pushing up to 120 rpm. I used to struggle to do a minute over 100.

I’ll try again next time without ERG.

I have a Fondo this weekend, so I’ll probably count that in lieu of Workout 1.3.


@NUGirl VO2 workouts are always hard. They never get easier, you just get used to that sort of effort overtime, as your aerobic engine grows. Don’t be discouraged, as growth is what we are after!

@mirandahughes247 sorry you had difficulties. As I said above, if you have trouble matching power and cadence, adjust each a little bit as needed to find what works best, staying close to the targets (it does not need to be prefect/precise). Varying watts and rpms a little over/under the target is fine.


I just finished workout 2. Now I thought I would do better with being closer to my watts than the first time, but you can see every color of the rainbow when I did the 2 sets of 6. I did adjust my gears after the first set.
And not sure why but I really had problems keeping the recovery watts down.
Now Im not strong, I just did an FTP a few weeks ago, and had to bring it down a bit, as using that number was too much for me. But that seemed too easy on last workout, so I raised it 5pts. I know a workout doesn’t need to feel hard to count, not feeling discouraged, just felt I did better the second time and didn’t get the star.
one more thing, the core workout isn’t showing every day on my iPhone TP calendar, but I am doing it every day.


Hi Sherry, for the core workouts, as mentioned in the Getting Started post about the challenge, it is on the calendars 3 days/week, with the goal of each one of you increasing the number of days and getting it to daily (at your own pace).


I did workout 2 this morning. It was tricky matching watts and cadence but I enjoyed trying. I got all my stars so hopefully that means I did ok :slight_smile:


I just did the second workout. I struggle with matching power and cadence and stay within the watt zone; I enjoyed it but realized I need a lot of practice. Thanks @Coach_Theia!!!


I am really excited to see how you all have been very open-minded and willing to step out of your comfort zone. That’s when growth happens. After all, doing something perfectly simply means you have already mastered it and it is time for the next challenge :wink:

Here is a good example for workout #2: what you are really working on is torque development, cadence for efficiency, and increasing your aerobic capacity. These things are all happening as long as you feel the difficulty of the workout as that is how your body benefits- remember the bigger picture- our bodies are not computers and FTP, watts etc is simply a language we use to communicate how to go about a workout.


Did workout2 last night. With 3 weeks off the bike and doing no cardio I really struggled. Had to cancel the last set of 6 sprints it took me over 35 mins to get Zwift working properly and ran out of time.