Week 1 Workouts Discussion - Women's Cycling Challenge


@nmackay00 - 3 weeks off the bike warrants a progressive start, so please ramp up slowly.


Workout 2 was fun!! I had my watts all over the place for the set of 6 at 20sec, I’d think I have it figured out then I’d blast way above the target! It kept me distracted though!! Thank you!




Week1#2 taught me a couple of good lessons. I was surprised how quickly I had to “snap the legs on “the 6x20 to hit the cadence and power. The second lesson was that I didn’t need to go into a high gear to nail the watt target. I worked in the low gears and hit the watts if I kept the rpms~ :100: +.


Yes!!! You got it @franklim !


I’ve finished the second workout for the week but cadence was all over the place. My cadence sensor wasn’t working properly but I did my best and kept going. Clearly need improvement (a lot) when it comes to cadence/power.

Also was on a new saddle and my butt was not happy by the end. Will tweak the saddle today. I also dropped my water bottle which spilt everywhere luckily missing electrical things. Issues with Bluetooth…It was all happening!! But still enjoyed it and looking forward to workout 1.3 :+1:


Hi coach,

I’ve managed to see my workout in zwift on my mac but now I can’t find 1.3 anymore. Is it possible to upload this workout again in trainingpeaks?

Kind regards,


Hi Kirsten- I don’t have access to anyone’s TrainingPeaks calendar unless I am their coach, so I am not able to share it with you or upload it to your account. Did you try exporting it t your computer as we talked about on the previous thread?


Did workout 2 this morning. Hit power targets much better than in workout 1 - but in recovery periods only :rofl: still struggling to get it right in the intervals - I’d get it but then lose it again very quickly eg hit the power and cadence target but then about two seconds later be at the same cadence but with power dropping about 50w lower for some reason :exploding_head: fustrating but still fun! And I feel like I’m learning…


Hi Tracy- you might need to either start from a higher gear or shift during the longer intervals.


Ah ok, not. Much time to play about with that in the shorter intervals today!

Also forgot to say I did miss a target near the start when I misread the schedule- was meant to be doing 85w and thought I was supposed to be doing 130w :roll_eyes:


It happens. One time during a workout I finished what I thought was a VERY hard string of 3 short intervals, patted myself in the back for getting through them, then mentally checked out and started to cruise around Watopia… stopped to go to the bathroom, came back, looked at the workout description (I don’t upload my workouts in Zwift) and saw that I was supposed to do TWO sets of those very hard intervals :woman_facepalming: it was so hard to mentally pull myself back into getting the other set done!


I did an easy zone 1 /2 workout on 90 % bias to practice cadence. It’s really something how you can get the watts with high cadence bit the heart rate goes up turning those legs over. Reminds me of when I was learning to racewalk-it’s avout turnover


Did workout #3 yesterday since Fridays are always a light day for me so I can ride hard over the weekend. I definitely need that workout in my repertoire more often!
Can you give an idea of how difficult the workouts are supposed to be on a scale from 1-10? I’ve been rating them from 6-8 for effort required.


Mine did the same exact thing on this intervals!!


@sherry are you saying that there was a glitch with the workout? I’ve had weird things happen before in Zwift so… just wondering


For week 1 - workout 1 should have been 6-7, workout 2 around 9, and workout 3 around 8


Didn’t think so, But I’d get up to goal watts, then would drop 50ish point, then go up, and even tho i thought I was pedaling steady/evenly, kept doing it on first 6. IT still did it on 2nd but not as much. I did change my shifting a bit, so I was able to try to control it better.
hope this helps.
I know I really need to practice holding the wattage , but I am concentrating on pedal stroke, evenness , ect.


No glitch in the workout, it had to be a yahoo/my bike thing
workout came up fine.
And Im wrong, happened when we were in the 1:30 hi wattage part
probably me,


Just Workout 1.2 yesterday and managed it without using ERG mode, yay! Choosing a flat course and set trainer difficulty to a minimal level made it work. I still had a few power dropouts but with everything else dialed in those were manageable.