Week 1 Workouts Discussion - Women's Cycling Challenge


Hi @Coach_Theia
I have just spent the past 45 minutes attempting to calibrate my kinetic Smart Control trainer to no avail… I had lodged a ticket with kinetic a week ago for assistance that I’ve heard nothing bad unable to complete today’s workout because I can’t get the trainer to work


Well that’s week one complete and I’m LOVING IT. Challenging body and brain, matching wattage and cadence with the tempo and power changes, it’s GREAT! I wasn’t sure about fitting TOW#7 into my week, but I’m feeling good and I’ve ridden the alp before so I know what to expect. Just gonna take it nice and easy and might even spot the yeti! Hope everyone else is loving this experience as much as I am. Thanks Theia, really appreciate you making this possible, sharing your expertise, and supporting us all so well​:bouquet::blush:


Week 1 done and dusted, it was nice, but still struggling to find the balance between my legs, power output and cadence, I have to concentrate all the time, and I like that. Thank you @ Coach_Theia, I learn quite a lot. I posted the workout on the Survey Monkey. In short, week 1 was GREAT !!!


Same with me but I know for me it’s my pedal stroke as that is what I really need to work on! Pedal correctly and it’s high… normal pedaling it’s lower!


Week1 done and started to improve the intervals without ERG as the week went on. For the 3rd workout I was able to keep the same gear for the 10minute sets and just increase cadence to hit the power target.
Really happy with the core workouts too I definitely don’t do enough of this and I need to make this a daily habit.
This cycling challenge is a great incentive. Looking forward to the next 3 weeks.
Thanks @Coach_Theia
PS I hope I got the link copy correct :thinking:


@Coach_Theia do you see any comments made in Training Peaks for the workouts? I have been making comments when time allows but not sure this is relevant to you.
In addition I notice if I click and open the link I wasn’t able to see the full range of power, especially with the sprints… Do you see the full range when viewing the workouts?


Finished Week 1 … when I first saw what I needed to achieve for the 3rd one I wasn’t sure it was possible … but I actually found it much easier than I had anticipated!

Enjoying the core workouts and am regularly joined on the floor by my 4 year old who has been enjoying them too!

Looking forward to seeing what Week 2 will bring!


Thanks everyone for the kind words! I feel so fortunate to have the opportunity to guide you though this challenge. I am also excited to see all of you embracing the new things that the program is bringing into your cycling life!!

@Jojo I am so sorry about your trainer issues. I hope you are able to get it sorted.

@MichelleS I only have access to the TrainingPeaks accounts of the athletes I coach directly, and therefore I am not able to access any of the challenge participant’s accounts. Having said that, you should be able to see the full range of power for your workouts. Have you tried making the chart window bigger?


@Coach_Theia week 1 workouts finished! The last workout was quite challenging and I was struggling to hit the max power in the 15 sec sprint intervals at the end - so I need to work on this somehow.
This is the first time I’m doing a structured training and I really like it. So happy to be part of this challenge. 2 weeks after the challenge I’m going to participate in a local race - so this is perfect preparation and I’m curious how I will go then.


So @Coach_Theia, I took a little spill bike marshalling this morning - just some scratches and a small egg on one side of a knee - so I’m wondering if I should count the ~25 miles I rode as a workout instead of doing a workout and the Bike the Drive tomorrow and a workout.


Excellent @michaelafuetsch! I hope you will post about your race afterwards and let us know how it went!

@PaleGail oh no!!! I am glad it wasn’t anything serious and you are still able to ride. I think it would be wise to not add more stress to the body this week, so OK to count the IRL rides.


I did workouts 1 and 3 this week (skipped 2 but sounds like it is a toughy!). Workout 1 was tough but a bit easier because I naturally prefer low cadence. I had to attempt workout 3 twice… the first time was a flop so I tried again the next day. I do not do well riding in the afternoon/evening and I only got about 22 minutes in on my first attempt. I used ERG mode because the bike I have on my trainer is struggling to switch gears smoothly, which is why it is my designated zwift bike. Multiple bike shops have looked at it and cant get it fixed. The jumping chain is distracting and makes me struggle to get in a groove. Sounds like I am missing some training using erg mode though :frowning:


@slpaz28 no worries- do what works for you. My husband is exactly like you- he pretty much can’t ride after lunch. He feels sluggish and can’t concentrate.

Did you know that our circadian phenotype influences sports performance? There could be a double-digit difference in performance when we workout/race at a time that is far from our “best” time to do these efforts. If anyone is interested in learning more about this, check out this podcast:



Hello All! As we wrap up Week 1, here are the next steps:

  1. After you submit your surveys, but no later than tomorrow (end of the day US Central Time), I will download all workout logs submitted.
  2. I will share the training plan for Week 2 to those who submitted their survey/workout logs. This will take me a few hours, so please be patient.
  3. I will randomly pick one or two workouts from one or two of you and do a video review (to be posted early next week), as described in the Challenge web page.

Please make sure the email you enter in the survey matches your TrainingPeaks account, as that is the email I will use to share next week’s workouts.


Absolutely loving these workouts. Turning the erg off has been really challenging but I can already see improvements in my control and can feel where I am missing the mark and need more practice. Just wondering using the last workout as an example with the 10min ramp up. How many times, if any, should you shift gears. When in one gear only and increasing cadence speed to get the extra power I ended up going overlyhigh in the cadence range but when I shifted gears I felt my legs feel like they were going to blow up.


I got pretty quickly that an emphasis of yours is efficiency and high cadence in lower gears. If that kind of training is new to me-should we practice that concept on recovery rides or leave it for the WCC workouts? I did some on other days this week and it made my heart rate go up. I was pretty tired trying to get through #3 this week.


Workout 3 done and workouts uploaded into survey monkey! Number 3 felt quite tough. Lost concentration so went a bit random on the power for the middle set but overall seem to be getting a wee bitty better. Did ToW stage 7 yesterday as well :hot_face:


Thanks Theia for this WWCC - Wonderful Women’s Cycling Challenge! I am done with Week 1 and yes the workouts were tough but I really enjoyed them. I am (have been) an ERG only workout person but I gave it a go and after struggling a little in the first workout, I soon realised I just needed to change gears (I forget this often on Zwift) and now after completing all 3 I find it quite a nice way to stay motivated and focused on a workout as opposed to just watching the clock. Looking forward to Week 2. Ride on Ladies!


Week 1 uploaded, thank you @Coach_Theia


Week 1 uploaded! Thank you @Coach_Theia…looking forward to week2!