Week 1 Workouts Discussion - Women's Cycling Challenge


I uploaded week one yesterday, Thank you @Coach_Theia.
Dumb question, is there a way to make sure our upload went thru without having to ask you?? Or am I just being paranoid??


I am pretty sure I submitted everything through survey monkey. I think I did the workout #1 a day early (according to Training Peaks). To clarify for future the week is M-Sun? Hope that is ok. I am still figuring all of this out.


I have the same questions as Sherry… is there a way we can tell if uploaded correctly? I know I uploaded them before I did workout #3 but I don’t think I can send #3 now. And my next question is same as Carrie’s: will the week be Mon-Sun? Thank you so much for your time. Loving the workouts; core and on the bike!


@kellyhaack above pls see the answer to your question regarding week 2 workouts.


Hello Ladies. First time posting. I am Mily and am extremely excited to participate in this challenge with all of you. I am 58 and an avid cyclist for almost 30 years.

I feel a bit inadequate this first week since I came onboard on Thursday and couldn’t complete all three workouts. Looking forward to Week 2 Workouts and sharing my experience.


@herrington14 tough question on the gears… it all depends on cadence and power, and it will be slightly different for everyone. But don’t worry too much, this is training after all, which means, a chance to experiment and see what works for you. You can increase power through cadence or gears, or both. I’d say start by increasing cadence first, then shift.

@franklim because this concept is new to you, I’d say focus on doing drills during the workouts at first. Over time, you can transfer the skills to your other rides. But note that you should not be on only one cadence the whole time on any ride. So if you want to start incorporating high cadence for example, dtart by doing 1-2 min at a time, but spread these out during the whole ride.

@Tracyligemagreen big week of work for you!

@tashwilliams76 Thank you!

@sherry @dianasiverts as long as you submitted in the survey, I have it! No need to worry.

And yes, the weeks are Monday-Sunday.

@mnoyola welcome!!


I have failed week 1! I’ve been too sick :face_with_thermometer:. I attempted one ride and got a couple core workouts in. Should I complete the week 1 rides before submitting the survey for week 2?



I’ve done most of the workouts (due to some technical problems) but I’m not sure how to submit my survey?



@khuntjens see here: https://discuss.360velo.com/t/link-to-submit-workouts-completed-workout-log


@Coach_Theia thanks, I’ve submitted the survey. Is it possible for you to send me week 2 sometime today? :innocent:


Yes- please take a look at the Week 2 Workouts post for the estimated timeline :blush:


Week 2 workout 1 done. Enjoyed that one! LoLs at myself for hitting the bursts of high power but spectacularly failing the stick to the power target on the recovery sections :joy::joy:tells you all you need to know about me, right there!! :crazy_face::crazy_face::biking_woman:


@Tracyligemagreen if the recovery sections are at or below 55% of FTP then you are encouraged to “fail”! Take full recovery so you can go hard again on the next interval!

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Closed as we move on to week 2!