Week 2 Wokouts Discussion - Women's Cycling Challenge


Welcome to week #2 of the WCC! We have many exciting workouts in store for you this week.

I have shared the training plan with those who submitted their survey by 8:00 PM US Central on Sunday (2:00 AM GMT Monday). I will download any surveys sent after that time on Monday mid-day my time and will share the plan shortly thereafter.

Lets’ use this thread to discuss workouts in week 2!


I loved week 1 workouts. I tend to push big gears with a slower cadence. These workouts forced me out of my comfort zone, which I need. With each workout it was easier to hit the higher cadence. I can’t wait to complete week 2. Thank you for this opportunity!


Hello, @Coach_Theia, I received your email for week 2. But it’s not linking into Training Peaks. I’m not sure what I may have done. Week 1 worked perfectly. Any suggestions??


Hi @Coach_Theia I have the same problem as @susannelindsey I have accepted the program but it is not linking to TP. :woman_shrugging:


HI @Coach_Theia Me too, not linking to TP :see_no_evil:


Hi all
Once I accepted week 2, I had to go to Training plans and add it to calendar.



@claire.golding Hi Claire, where did you get the option to Add it to the Calendar please?


@claire.golding That’s ok, I’ve worked it out :woman_facepalming: It’s in the Training Plan Library and you then apply it to the calendar :slight_smile:


@Coach_Theia … I’ve just completed the Week 1 survey x


Could you explain where to find the survey?


Same problem never saw a survey


All good found week 2. Found it through the website. :grin:


@khuntjens. @trayns2
This is the link
Link to submit workouts completed (Workout Log)

It’s at the top of the feed. :blush:


@susannelindsey thank you, I’ve found it and submitted :blush:


Hi @Coach_Theia Really enjoying the workouts and appreciate the time and effort you are putting in with us. For week 2, I have a 67 mile Fondo on Sunday 2 June (my first Fondo and longest ride to date :open_mouth:) and I think I’d be pushed physically to do all three workouts and the Fondo so is it ok if I replace one of the rides with the Fondo and which workout would you suggest I drop? Many thanks, Sue


Thank you @Coach_Theia. So sorry I am late submitting my rides, Ispent ages figuring it out how to do it! I am ready for week 2. Can you forward it to me asap. Thank you.


Thanks for the suggestions ladies :pray:. I got this sorted out too. Did the first workout tonight and it was quite tough!


Hi @watsonsue thanks for your kind words! Drop workout 2.3 and complete the other two early in the week if you can (Mon/Wed), then take it easy before the Fondo. Looking forward to hearing how it goes! Be mindful of your hydration and nutrition to keep you going. Some good tips here.

@osteoclinics as mentioned above, I will do the next survey download mid-day US Central time. I don’t have access to my desktop before then. I am sorry you had to spend so much time figuring it out… At least you know what to do for next time!


Great thanks.


I’ve just submitted my ride files for last week, sorry for the delay!