Week 2 Wokouts Discussion - Women's Cycling Challenge



I just completed week 1.1 workout. I mainly ride outdoor, however i am trying to get back into zwifting (which is why i signed up to this challenge). Would i still be able to submit and continue with week 2?

I really like the structure of this program and keen to learn new skills…especially how to activate those glutes!



Workout 2.1 done. That was hard. I couldn’t get to the Watts this morning, didn’t have any energy. :weary:. I have however, learnt a valuable lesson, eat and hydrated well the day before and every day… :pensive:.


I did the 2.1 workouts, it was hard, cadence is better but missed a couple of stars:roll_eyes: power output still fluctuate a bit; however it motivates me to try and succeed next time.


It did not automatically link for me like last week either, but if you follow the steps in the post about linking the workouts it works.


Hi Coach Theia,

2.1 done. Missed two of the three higher watt sections because I was trying to do it without standing up. Won’t make that mistake again. Tough but good workout.

I do have a question about the sections that have a moderate watt requirement (just over FTP) and a low RPM. Normally, I would not stay in that gear/rpm combo. It does not feel comfortable on my knees. Is this a matter of needing to get stronger, stretch more, or . . .? It wasn’t painful - so I pushed through and was fine. Some fatigue in the legs but good. Thank you.


Workout 2.1 done. Was a bit tired beforehand and missed a few stars. Still having problems with my saddle, just can’t get it right. May need to try a different one. Actually I think I need a new bike. This one has never been great. I think the reach is a bit too long for me.


Workout 2.1 done! I liked it but missed the stars on the 3 sprints at the end…it was 564w but I was able to reach only 450w… It was frustrating…I need more training! :smiley:


@puggles please send the links to the rides and workout you did last week (via the survey) and I will get you set up for week 2.

@susannelindsey yes, good nutrition/hydration is directly tied to performance. No worries, plenty of opportunity going forward.

@Carrie the purpose of that power/cadence combo in workout 2.1 is to develop muscular strength. It’s like a gym session/leg press on the bike. It also prepares for steep hills. So feeling some pressure on the quads and near the knee is expected and it is supposed to make you more tired than at a regular cadence and same power. However, we want to avoid knee pain- which does not seem to be the case for you. Assuming your bike fit is correct, it is a matter of developing strength.

I would caution against stretching sore or tight muscles in most cases. That is because sore muscles need to heal (and stretching can cause further tearing) and tight muscles are trying to protect the joints (which means they need strengthening, not loosening). Lastly, the lateral leg raises we do in the Core II routine is designed to help in this area as well.

@rose-m bike fit is the single best investment you can make in cycling. Not only for comfort, but also injury-prevention and better performance.

@mariannamarcucci if you listen closely to the video explaining the workout, you will hear me say that the sprint power target is only an estimate (and I explain why). So absolutely no reason to be frustrated.

In fact, a common misconception about sprints is that it is all about peak power. It is not, its more about the snap, the initial jump and acceleration.


Thank you. I have no knee pain today so I will just keep working. The leg raises are tough for me so I guess I know what I need to work on. I did have a professional bike fit at Cyclologic in Scottsdale (seems like they know their stuff) two months ago, so believe I am good there.


That’s good Carrie. Looks like you are on the right track. You know yourself better than anyone else, so it’s great that you are mindful of how you are feeling.


Fun fact, I watched the video but completely missed that point. Sorry! :grimacing:


Week 2.1 done. Really enjoyed it in some perverse sort of way :rofl: I found the 4 min stretches tough but do-able. For the first time ever I stood up and pedalled - I’ve always been a bit wary of doing this outside so it’s great to practice something like this in a workout on the safety of the trainer. Thanks @Coach_Theia for pushing me completely out of my comfort zone, I already feel I’ve learnt such a lot in a short space of time :hugs:


No worries @mariannamarcucci!!!

@watsonsue love it! Thank you for that feedback. And the core exercises help with standing on the bike too, so keep it up!


Wow! 2.1! That was tough @Coach_Theia. The 120% FTP x 4 mins, yikes, but feeling good now for having done it. I do have a serious problem reducing to 65w, I failed all of those :wink:


Woot! 2.1 done :white_check_mark: did not hit my sprint targets :woozy_face::woman_shrugging: Just read above comments :+1: so as good as it gets for today :crazy_face: thx :blush:


@sarahjane and @Sylvie :fist_right::fist_left:


Finished 2.1 and I watched the video and did remember what you said at the end, as when I looked at the sprint number, I didn’t tell myself I couldn’t do it I just know what I have done in the past and did my best. Thank you, was a good workout, have been loving all of your workouts you have us doing.
Anyway, I am supposed to go on a 3day trail ride starting Friday. I will get another workout in on Thurs, and of course the core workouts are no problem getting in . May not be able to upload the workouts till late sun nite. Is there a preference in doing 2.2 , or 2.3, which one to skip? assuming that is ok with you. My rides will at the least come up on strava.
There is a small chance that I won’t be going as I have a last min dental problem that may hinder this trip, then will just do the 3rd workout.


Thank you, Sherry! I am keeping my fingers crossed that the dental problem gets resolved so you can enjoy the trails! If you can only do one more workout this week, then do 2.3. It might make you tired for the trail, however :wink: You can upload the 2 workouts before Friday that way you are set.



Got it now

They certainly don’t make it easy

Need an Apple technician :wink:


Week#2 Workout#1 was a toughie. Did my best with the Watts and cadence. I did hit a new high watt PB in the sprints-435 W/6.4 W/Kg-Whee!!
These workouts are way more challenging than the Zwift training programs and ZA!