Week 2 Wokouts Discussion - Women's Cycling Challenge


Thank you @Coach_Theia .
I will get 2.3 in there, and thank you for letting me upload earlier :smile:


2.1 was loads of fun!! I loved the ending when I could get out of my saddle and sprint!! Thank you for a great workout! :biking_woman::muscle:t2:


maintaining power / cadence in workout 2.1 was difficult in the flat section


Whew finished 2.1 today after climbing alpe yesterday, and boy that was a bear. I had to lower the percentage FTP slightly for the last of the three 4min/1min And wasn’t sure even then if I could finish but I DID which is all I wanted.

Loved loved loved the prompts for the over unders to focus on a short climb then to keep pace, never thought of attacking them like this before and it was SO helpful.

Had a few issues getting gearing right for last sprints, but got better each one. Live and learn. Onward this week!


Did 2.1 today. Felt pretty good about how I did, given the constraints of my set-up with its vascillating resistance even in ‘dumb’ mode. Also my trainer’s resistance decays a bit every time after I increase it, especially when I’m out of the saddle throwing down big watts, so I nailed the first 6-8 seconds of the 300% sprints but then had to keep increasing my cadence to fight the power decay. I barely squeaked through with my stars, but I’m sure it’s good practice to be spinning 90+ rpm out of the saddle at that level of effort. (Also, I definitely could not hit 300% of FTP during Zwift Academy 2017, so apparently I’m getting better at short sprints, which was nice to know.)

I found this the toughest workout yet, but good-tough. Really enjoying the program, thanks @Coach_Theia!


Workout 2.2 done! I know I shouldn’t do 2 in a row but, as usual, I have to travel for work until saturday and didn’t want to miss this week! It was pretty though following the watt/cadence balance but I’m, starting to understand how it works and I’ve enjoyed it a lot! I feel very well after the workouts!


I did an outdoor ride on Sunday, so am doing workouts Wednesday and Friday. Did 2.1 today and I am continuing to learn more and more.

Unfortunately, I have not solved my issues with the cadence readings for Kinetic trainer. No matter what I do the cadence reads about 85-95, even if I slow my pedaling quite a bit, or try to speed it up. I even bought an external ANT+ dongle and tried my computer but that didn’t help. I am now going by “RPC” or rate of perceived cadence to judge my gearing and efforts. It seems to work ok, though I will never get a star on a segment that has a cadence target. I rode on the flattest course I could find, and set the trainer difficulty to zero. That seemed to give me the best control.

I think I have determined that I would be better as a climber than a sprinter. I definitely need to work on my cardiovascular fitness. My legs can go all day, but my heart doesn’t like to work that hard.

@Jojo Have you had any success with your trainer?


Thanks for sharing your comments! I can already see progress and am glad you are learning with the process. Kudos for being patient with the trainer issues - I know those can be very frustrating!


I’m still not figuring out how to upload my workouts so have nothing for week 2


No luck with my trainer, I’ve actually opened up a support ticket with kinetic as my training is not working at all. Steve from kinetic has stated they haven’t done anything with their Cadence for our particular trainer, and that it has to be zwift and where the issue is. I’ll be working through some suggested Solutions today, but as it currently stands I’m without a trainer. @Coach_Theia due to above, I’ve kurr been able to do anything since last saturday, to say I’m beyond frustrated is an understatement


Workout 2.1 completed last night at 9:30p; felt ok considering the long weekend; I usually do not ride so late but had to get it in; @Coach_Theia I will be doing a century on Saturday. I guess I’ll skip Workout 2.2 and do Workout 2.3 on Thursday. Thanks


Did 2.2 last night. Felt pretty good considering I was fasting for minor medical procedure (I know, I know). We are heading out to Cali on an impromptu end of the school year vacation for the weekend so I wanted to make sure I at least got two done before we leave. Hope to be back in time to do 3 on Sunday.


@cln1028 can I help? Are you having trouble uploading the workouts from last week into the survey or this week’s workouts in TrainingPeaks?

@Jojo oh my :pensive: so you are not able to workout at all, even if in ERG mode?

@mnoyola sounds good

@Carrie LOL if you want, you can submit the 2 workouts you did now so you won’t feel rushed on Sunday


Thanks. I did submit them just in case I am not up for riding when we get back. Four days of theme parks with tween/teen boys . . . I will get my steps in anyway.


@Coach_Theia - will you be providing us feedback on the workouts etc at some point?


My supervisor as I do my core exercises!


I was able to link my Strava hope that suffices. TP does not give me that grey screen perhaps it’s because I’m mostly on phone or iPad??


I know exactly how that goes, Carrie! I will be taking my kids (ages 10 and 12) to a waterpark in August. I find that more exhausting than riding a century!


Auch a cute puppy @PneeZee !!!

@cln1028 yes, Strava is fine, as pointed out in the survey. Thank you.


Hi Sallie- as described in the Challenge webpage, I will share a video review of one workout power file a week (randomly selected from one participant). I am uploading it now and should have it done by this afternoon. As you can imagine, analysing and providing feedback to the files of all participants is not feasible in the context of a free challenge, as it takes quite a bit of time. Nevertheless, I am happy to answer any questions you may have here in the forum!