Week 2 Wokouts Discussion - Women's Cycling Challenge


Ahhh. Missed that also! That’s great… can’t wait to see and gain some more knowledge! Thanks!


Sorry @Coach_Theia, my free trial on trainingpeaks ended today, do I have to upgrade to continue using it?


No, you can continue the challenge with a Basic account. In fact, many of our members have been training with us for over a year with a basic account.


Just done with 2,2 comfortably challenging…couldn’t finish all sets…( usual trainer problems )…,but love the last three before warm down…would love to get even more cadence reminders ( as I usually spin too slow).


2.2 :white_check_mark: I haven’t done many VO2 max workouts…great cardio workout for sure :+1::blush: quick mention…the first blue interval, says 85 rpm in the blue progress bar but 100 rpm in the comments…I got flustered :woozy_face::joy: I’m thinking it was likely 100 rpm? Anyway, no worries. “Enjoyed” that :crazy_face: thanks :wink:


Ah, I see that… thanks for pointing it out. I fixed it.


I saw that too, it yelled at me for spinning too fast because I saw 100rpms too!

@Coach_Theia do you have any thoughts/opinions on what heart rate should be during these workouts?


Good evening, I completed TOW stage 7 and was surprised to see the results populated on TP as workout 2.2. @Coach_Theia should I leave it alone or figure out how to unlink the two and do the workout tomorrow?


completed workout 2.2


Just finished 2.2 and loved it! Maybe I liked it because my FTP is set too low and it wasn’t hard enough. I don’t know, the 2- and 3-minute intervals felt plenty hard, but I had a good bit left in the tank for the very last interval and managed to do it at 150% of FTP. Then again, I’m not used to taking days off training, and I have been doing so with this program, so my legs were raring to go.


Lindsay, please refer to my answer to this post about using HR, and let me know if you have any questions.

In summary, HR is very unique to each person and not a good correlation to power output. You’d have to find your Max HR to determine your zones, then figure out which of your HR zones correspond to your power zones.

The downside of focusing on HR is that a person’s HR does not follow the exact trajectory as their effort/power output, and it can be influenced by many other factors (stress, illness, quality of sleep, temperature, etc.) In addition, there is a lag in HR increase, and therefore there is great likelihood that the athlete following HR only would fall short of the desired effort measured in watts.

As you can see, using HR can be tricky because it is not as accurate, and you could fall short or be over your targets on all intervals.

Personally, I have stopped using a HR monitor years ago.


@Coach_Theia, ok no problem, thank you. I understand all of that, and have heard the same reasoning as you mentioned, but was just curious of your thoughts. I wear a HR monitor just because I like to see where it is.


Just done with 2nd Core workout of the weeks… another comfortably challenging workout.
I’m missing 2.1 from my plan - is there a chance that someone can send me the Zwift-file via email to evelyn.phang@gmail.com?

My plan is showing 2.2 and 2.3.


Ah ok, sorry if I went all “coach” on my response! :grimacing:

Anyhow, VO2 workouts should be close to max HR. The others will depend on the person’s conditioning/aerobic capacity.

I stopped wearing a HR monitor for the opposite reason as you… I started freaking out seeing where my HR was, and would not go as hard because of it. My Max HR is 203.




Looks like you are all set. Unfortunately, once you have sync’d Zwift with TrainingPeaks, any ride will upload into a workout that you have for that same day. But this is how you pair/unpair for reference.


Maybe bring your FTP to where it should be and see how it goes?


After a lot of issues processing this video, I was finally able to upload it!

Here is the review of the workout power graph for workouts 1.1 and 1.3 (week 1):


My FTP is accurate according to recent tests on my indoor trainer (both 20-minute and ramp tests), and it is consistent with my fitness history and training. The thing is that I have been able to get better results outdoors on hill-climbs with the same power meter. My trainer has poor road feel so there are real dead-spots in the pedal circle, so I put it down to that, as well as to the fact that I tend to get out of the saddle a fair bit for IRL climbs. Maybe I’ll nudge it up a bit and see anyway.


@Coach_Theia, I didn’t think you went all coach on your response, and I appreciate your input and knowledge, no worries! Wow, that’s quite the max HR!! Mine is 189. I was getting close in that VO2 workout but didn’t quite hit it, so I was just curious! Thank you again for input!