Week 2 Wokouts Discussion - Women's Cycling Challenge


Fast cadence works. The Sub 2.0 group ride today on the Innsbruck ring turned out to the KOM course. I ended up spinning at a low gear and blasted 3 min off my KOM time. Granted-I’ll have to do the rest day tomorrow instead of single track but it was fun!!


Yes, and you can always adjust back as needed.

@franklim woohoo! That’s great!


I also cranked up my FTP 3 points-I wasn’t planning to do that today.


Thanks @Coach_Theia that’s really interesting and I now understand the results a bit better now. I went to mine to have a look but I don’t get the same graph as you - I did but I must have pressed a button for a different view and now don’t know how to get back to the graph :roll_eyes: Here is a screenshot of my view. Do you know which button i should press please to get back to the original view :slight_smile:


Well over/unders was a bust today. I’m used to fairly high intensity workouts and made it through all 3 last week plus longer weekend rides, but I think I overdid it this week. Did a long ride Monday, a really hard outdoor group ride Wednesday, and took Tuesday and Thursday off in hopes of being able to do the workout today and still have legs to go outside this weekend. It didn’t quite work out the way I hoped and the workout today didn’t go well. Trouble is that I still want to go outside and ride this weekend!


@watsonsue if you are looking for the blue blocks, it’s that blue icon that has the white bars next to the yellow RPM icon.

@stacypro yes, these rides have a “cost”… And doing an “easy” but long ride (2h+) can fatigue the legs just as much as doing a short, intense ride.


Just done with Challenge 2.3.

Best workout on the challenge so far… the 4 mins rest - may seem easy, but is still great work a very focus above 90 cadence work ( which is super hard for me… mash mash mash ). All higher power sessions were just within reach ( completed with huffs and puffs in last 10% ).

This workout makes good use of the ZWIFT “star” system for encouragment on the way… its very rare - but i actually made it 20/24 stars.

Looking towards next week’s workout!


Received with super thanks !


I have dine workout 2.1 and 2.3 so far this week. Have a race on sunday. Do i have to submitt the survey this week to get in to the next weeks workouts?


Thanks @Coach_Theia I pressed that icon but a window pops up and says I need to upgrade… I’ve pressed every button now with no luck getting back to that view. Oh well, not to worry.


Yes. I will be sharing next week’s workouts on Sunday evening US Central Time.


That’s all workouts done this week and submitted!
2.3 I really enjoyed. Seem to be a bit more consistent in the longer endurance bits but then in the short sprints although I can hit (and greatly exceed) the required power I’m just not figuring out quickly enough the right combo of gear, power and cadence to get it right enough to get a star!


Did 2.2 outside today because the weather was too nice to pass up and dannng training outside is so much harder than inside! I tried to do as well as I could when a hard interval started when I was going downhill. @Coach_Theia this may have been asked (so sorry if repeat) but is there a good way to train if we wanted to do these outside but don’t live in a flat place? I tried starting to plan the route so I knew I’d be going uphill and need power during the longer intervals, but that doesn’t always work as planned. Great workout though!


It’s all good @Tracyligemagreen, the fact that you are working to find the gear/power/cadence is part of the workout/training!

@cjhanson I agree 100%. I love doing my workouts outdoors as well. I am a little jealous that you have so many hills. All I have is flats!! It gets tricky with the intervals, I know, so if you can’t find the ideal stretch of road for an interval, focus on power and do what you can with cadence.


I’ve uploaded week 2 workouts. I have also watched your commentary on last week’s workout…I think I need to work on those transitions …Loving all the information that is shared…Thanks again for the opportunity :slight_smile: have a great weekend!


Did 2.3 yesterday and it was my best yet. It was appropriately challenging for me, but not so much that I ever thought I wouldn’t be able to finish! I realized that Zwift had been set to display 3 second average power. I changed it to show instantaneous and I think that made a big difference. I still notice some big spikes and dips in power when I don’t feel like I have changed anything, and I’m not sure if it’s an issue with me or the trainer. I know my cadence data is dead wrong, so I wonder a bit about the power numbers as well. I watched Coach Theia’s video and figured out how to analyze the workout (on my computer - can’t seem to do the same on the app).

Easy ride on the schedule for tomorrow, and my 3 day, 150 mile ride starts on Friday. Just learned that we have 1800-2200 feet of elevation gain each day. That’s not typical of my rides in flat Illinois!



Thanks. I submitted week 1 and haven’t received week 2. :cry:


@puggles I am so sorry- I thought I checked and double-checked everyone’s submissions! When did you send it?


I think I submitted it on Thursday or Friday. I can submit it again if you prefer?


@Coach_Theia I’m really sorry if it’s somewhere right in my face… but I can’t find the link to submit workout week #2