Week 2 Wokouts Discussion - Women's Cycling Challenge


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Just submitted week two workouts. Looking forward to week 3!


@mnoyola Thank you! Found it!


Here it is! Link to submit workouts completed (Workout Log)


Week 2 submitted!


Thanks All! I will compile all responses and share the plans this evening.


I submitted the workouts for week 2. I am normally riding in my big chainring, but struggle to find the balance between cadence and power output. I might be doing something wrong. I am doing the workouts in the small chainring.


I wonder if it has to do with the type of trainer. Which trainer do you have? I am never on my small chain ring and I have a Tacx Neo.


I have a kickr snap


What trainer intensity setting (trainer difficulty) are you using in Zwift?


I need to check, I didn’t know there is something like that. What is it supposed to be?


Same here… I finally switched to small chainring during 3rd block yesterday. I have a Kickr. Also going to recheck my setting for it.


Does this matter during workouts? That might be the issue!


I quickly checked and the trainer difficulty is 50%.


@Coach_Theia, thanks for this video analysis - this is very interesting. I now submitted my week 2 workouts - they were great again and I’m slowly improving riding without ERG mode.
After 3 days cycling in France I have to skip the 3rd workout - my legs are too fatigue. I sent you the link to one of these rides instead.
Looking forward to next weeks workouts.


The video isn’t coming up.
Is there another link listed ??



@cjhanson If my outdoor route dips downhill at the wrong point, I pause the workout. I’ve mostly managed to avoid needing to do that, but it means that I’m not losing time on the effort sections.


Hi coach!
I really loved week 2! I’m looking forward to week 3, do you know when it will be avaible (Surveymonkey :heavy_check_mark:)
Keep up the good spirit guys!
Kind regards,


@Coach_Theia Did you need me to resubmit my week 1? I am probably a week behind everyone now (had a big week outdoors and also had a minor medical procedure that set me back), but would still love to continue as i am enjoying these workouts!



Yes, that is fine.