Week 2 Wokouts Discussion - Women's Cycling Challenge


That is not the issue then… It might simply be a learning curve. It’s hard if you have never done workouts outside of ERG.


Vimeo was down almost all day today (worldwide)- that’s also why I could not upload the videos for week 3 on time. It’s back now, so you should be able to see it.


That works!


Thanks. Look forward to seeing week 2 when it shows up in my plan. I plan to start it tomorrow.


First, how cool is it that Chad Haga, US cyclist, won his first grand tour stage win at the Giro today?!
Second, wow, last week’s workouts were great! I’m still adjusting to the whole no ERG mode thing and I think i did best on 2.2 - i admit i should’ve listened to @Coach_Theia 's tips about the workouts before I did them not afterward :-/ but live and learn i say! 2.3 and hitting the red zones was tough! Bur i’m determined to stick it out with using non-ERG mode. Appreciate you pushing us to do that Coach!!


Such a good age for the water parks. Enjoy. Our boys are 12 & 14 (next weekend). Just got home. We clocked 10 miles a day (walking) for three days and almost that much on the 4th! OMG am I worn out. I am going to opt for chardonnay instead of biking today. Did get a little core in while we were traveling though. Back at it tomorrow.


Yes for sure it is a learning curve, and need a lot of practise. Thank you @Coach_Theia I really enjoy every workout altough I missed some stars during workouts.


I will PM you

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