Week 3 Workouts Discussion - Women's Cycling Challenge


Welcome to week #3 of the WCC! Wow! It sure is going by fast!!

Please note the following:

Plan distribution:

  • All who submitted their survey by 8:24 PM US Central on Sunday (2:24 AM GMT Monday) have received the week 3 training plan. Please reach out to me if you are in this group but have not received it.
  • Next cut off of surveys will be on Monday 10 AM US Central Time. I will submit the week 3 plan to this second group shortly thereafter.
  • The third and LAST cut off will be on Monday 6:30 PM US Central Time.

Videos explaining the workouts:

  • Vimeo was down for most of the day and therefore the videos I prepared explaining the workouts are still being processed. I will share them as soon as they are available.

Let’s use this thread to discuss workouts in week 3!


The time is definitely going fast! I’m really looking forward to doing this week’s workouts. Thank you :slightly_smiling_face:


@Coach_Theia got my survey in just now - sorry for the delay - traveling again :-/ which makes it harder to get it all in but looking forward to week 3!


Hi @Coach_Theia. I need to move my workouts around this week but still can’t move or copy & paste them without upgrading. I also need to replace one with an IRL ride. Which one should be dropped this week?

Tour of Cambridgeshire was really tough yesterday in the wind and I’m feeling depleted today. Might be a feeble core workout attempt today! :wink:


Coach Theia,

Thanks for all the great workouts. I have really enjoyed them.

Vimeo is back up but it says the video from Week 1 cannot be found. Could you please check. I hate to miss the tips from week 1. Thank you.


@Coach_Theia - thanks for this. Love this program, excited for week 3!


Yes, @sarahjane get some recovery! In fact, you probably need to take it easy tomorrow as well.

You should be able to move workouts to the present, you just can’t move them to the future (with the Basic subscription). How long/hard is your IRL ride this week?


As some of you mentioned not getting your stars in Zwift, I thought it would be helpful to make a video explaining why not getting the stars during a workout is not something to worry about.


3.1 done! It seems easy when you look at the intervals but when you are on the bike…everything changes! I found really challenging the 9 minutes spot and the following 8,7 etc minutes because I had to maintain the cadence for longer and I haven’t done that before but when I’ve read “focus on smooth pedaling” something changed, I stopped trying to maintain the watts and start focusing on how I was pedaling and the watts came! I’m really happy because I see some improvements already even IRL! <3


Very cool @mariannamarcucci! Well done.



In training 3.2, the easy interval is 20 seconds or 40 seconds? Because the instruction says 2 sets of 10x quick 20 sec spin ups at 130% of FTP at 100 rpms, followed by 40 secs easy pedaling, but the workout has 20 seconds of easy pedaling.

Thank you for the opportunity. I have been using the power meter for a short time and reading books but a little lost because I do not have much experience.


Hi Coach Theia,
I have accepted the Week 3 workouts with email you sent yesterday, but nothing shows up in my TP calendar! I’ve logged out, accepted again, logged back in, reloaded page, nothing there. What did I miss?
Thanks in advance,


Nice catch, @Nancy_PR. It’s whatever shows up on the workout itself when you are doing it in Zwift- that is, 20/20. I changed the description to match that.

@EllieB have you tried these steps?


I was about to cancel my earlier request, as I went back & read your previous post about adding workouts. Got it to work! Thanks!!!
On to the bike…


I added the links to the videos into TrainingPeaks- would someone kindly check their calendar to see if the links were automatically included and let me know? Thank you!!


Thank you for posting that explanation, as I get more frustrated, not discouraged,
But do try to get the star.
Finished 3.1 today. I think I did better as the workout went on with the watts and rpms, but then I do a set and do worse. I know its a learning process, and do love the challenge of not using the erg,


Yep :grinning:


Thank you @jenny

@sherry you got it!! :fist_right::fist_left:


3.1 was tough, that 1 min rest went way too fast!!

9,8,7,6,5 and 4 min intervals felt forever!!


Workout plan was fine—my kickr was acting weird—minor adjustments in pedaling would create wild power swings. I’m going to see if a spindown will reset it. Very frustrating.