Week 3 Workouts Discussion - Women's Cycling Challenge


It sure is a tough one @PneeZee! I’ve done that one a few times :sweat_smile:


@Coach_Theia my TSS score is always below the target TSS score, usually by at least 10 points, should I worry about that?


@Coach_Theia I am doing a 175km on Saturday. I did 3.1 yesterday and would love to do all of them, but I don’t think it will be possible, although I thought I can do 3.2 tonight but must say I think I need the rest between workouts. What is your suggestion?


Lindsay- not at all. I explain why in this video:


Hi Doret - if you want fresh legs for Saturday, take today off, do 3.3 on Wednesday and do a very easy spin Friday with a few 1 min high cadence/low power intervals.


Speaking of video for 3.2 (no worries on stars!!!) what kind of carb do you suggest to eat before the workout? And how long before the workout? I always struggle with food while training. Thank you!


I am doing a 235 mile ride on Sunday in CO with 18k feet of climbing as well as a big ride to Pikes Peak tomorrow (flying out tonight) I sent a message to you but didn’t hear back. I did 3.1 on Sunday and I will do 3.2 this morning before flying out. Wasn’t sure whether to do 3.2 or 3.3


Ugh now that you mentioned that @lhoechlin I see that for some reason I am not getting email notifications from the forum :woman_facepalming: sorry I did not see that on time. I was going to say 3.2 though. But if you have these two big rides I would have said to take today off :slight_smile: Have a great time!!


Hi Marianna- check this post for answers to your questions


Thank you! Workout 3.2 done! It was though as you said in the video! :rofl: Luckily I followed the suggestion to eat something before it because the legs where asking for peace at the end!!!


Finished 3.1 yesterday. Goodness, 9 minutes of anything on Zwift feels like forever!


Hi @Coach_Theia I was hoping to do all three workouts but I’m still feeling a bit weary from the Tour of Cambs so think it might be best to drop one of the workouts this week - which one would you suggest? Many thanks.


If you have not done any yet, drop 3.1 @watsonsue.

@stacypro agree :grimacing:

Good @mariannamarcucci!!


Thanks @Coach_Theia I had moved it from Tues to today to see how I felt so, no, not done it yet. Will leave that one out then and get on with 3.2 tomorrow :grinning:


3.1 was tough. I did a “cheat” and turned the gears up and spun lower but my heart rate still
Went up the same as 85-95 rpm. I was able to hit the cadences. The 1 min went by pretty fast!


Completed 3.1 and 3.2. Thoroughly enjoying the workouts and managed to test myself with turning off ERG. I have had issues with my derailer, so i am hesitant on the trainer to play with the gears… (long story).
Our “man cave” is shared with our 2.5 year old twins where we hide all the trainer bits and pieces under their cots and setup and pack away the trainer after each use.

@Coach_Theia any suggestions on how to shorten 3.3 if you are stuck for time? Ideally 1h 15 would be my max at the moment due to sharing trainer times with my husband and ensuring we are all packed up in time for nap time. Thanks in advance.


I applaud you and your husband for being so patient and organized so that both of you can train! I remember being overwhelmed when my kids were at that age (I wasn’t into cycling then).

You can do the first two intervals of 3.3 and skip the third and still get a great workout!


Completed 3.2 today and it took everything I had! I was a bit suspicious as to why the previous workouts had been fairly within my comfort zone. Realized FTP on Zwift was lower than the FTP set on TP workouts. Long story short, had nothing left for the end and couldn’t complete the third set! I don’t like working so hard, but coming back for more!:sunglasses:


Really enjoyed 3.2 - the last 45 second segments were testing.
I’m still not seeing the blue graph on TP when I go to ‘analyse’ :roll_eyes: It just shows the lines going up and down and when I click on the graph it says I need to upgrade. Anyone else having this problem?


@Coach_Theia those first blue intervals 3.1 and 3.2 are giving different rpms in comment and progress bar as well…just FYI…
I have a question re doing the intervals. You mentioned trying to keep smooth transitions between segments. Does that mean when finishing a hard interval to keep pedalling fairly hard so you don’t get that quick dip right after the one just done? I’m trying to work on that, but notice that unless you keep your watts and rpm up some, you will dip…
Thanks again…learning :+1::blush: