Week 3 Workouts Discussion - Women's Cycling Challenge


@watsonsue I just logged in to check mine and blue Graf is there with rpm, bpm and cad overlapped …

I did notice that if you pick “dist” instead of “time” in that box (top left hand corner) the blue Graf disappears… could that be it?

I don’t get the upgrade so may not be helpful :woman_shrugging: Good luck


@Sylvie Thank you for your reply and your suggestions. I tried switching between the two and it still doesn’t work :unamused:
This is a screenshot of my ride, can anyone see anything I should be doing - When I click on the blue box with the graph symbol it says I need to upgrade… It’s so annoying as I can’t analyse my ride very easily.


Workout 3.2 is tricky and challenging! Way to stick to it!

@Sylvie I checked the files and I don’t see a discrepancy so not sure what’s going on… Regarding transitions, yes, when you are going from a higher power to a lower power (not from hard effort to rest) you have to keep the tension on the chain the whole time to avoid dips- and that may require a slower transition with the shifting, such that the first 5 sec or so is a little above target for the lower power interval. It takes time to master it, so keep at it!

@watsonsue the blue graph is only available in the Premium version.


@Coach_Theia I just finished workout 3.2 … I didn’t know how long 45 seconds can be :wink:. Still I enjoyed that one - this fast on-off intervals require a lot of concentration - so time was flying. For me the 3.1 workout was very though and testing my legs.

I agree with @Sylvie - there is a discrepancy in both workouts in the first warm-up Intervall. The comment pop-up line says 100 rpms … and the progress bar says 85 rpms. I noticed immediately because I was speeding up cadence to 100 and then it complained that I should spin slower :smile:.
Just to make you aware about that. :wink:


Ahh I see it now… Thanks I found the issue and fixed it. I have changed all warm ups for all the workouts in my library, and in the process of doing so a few did not get updated - thanks for pointing it out @Sylvie and @michaelafuetsch


@Coach_Theia Ok thanks, I can work on that. :+1::blush:


Did 3.2 workout today also. WOW
Tough workout, and challenging one,
But I also enjoyed it.
Keeps me mentally focused on pedaling which gears to use and working on those smooth transitions. NOT easy, But it also a great feeling when you find that gear ratio that works. Of course Im still needing allot of practice on those, but I am working on not making changes too fast when the power starts to drop or pedaling too fast to raise the power.
Just love being part of this training, thanks again @Coach_Theia


@Coach_Theia Ahh ok thanks Theia, that’s frustrating. I liked seeing the blue graph but not sure I know enough to fully appreciate the Premium version.


Workout 3.3 was tough, the 15 sec standing interval took me until the 3rd one to get it right! I don’t know why I think I need to grab so many gears to reach the power, but by the 3rd one I realized I could do it with only grabbing 1 gear and not the 2-3 like I did the first time!

Thanks for a fun workout week! Can’t believe next week is it!! :flushed::flushed::flushed:


Workout 3.3 done! Wow, that was really tough…!!! I can’t believe I did it :rofl::rofl::rofl:


Thanks all for your comments.

Great work conquering this week!!! All workouts were meant to be challenging. 3.1 had continuous work on little rest, 3.2 had your lungs and legs burning, and 3.3 put it all together.

Next week is a “Recovery Week”. Usually we do 3 weeks of build and one of recovery. On a recovery week, we will still have 3 workouts, but the intensity is lower and we have the opportunity to work on very important skills that I hope will continue to build a solid foundation. Then it’s on to the last week of the Challenge, where we get to do some more exciting things!!


Quite torn …I’ve done all workouts but tomorrow is looking pretty fine outside…thinking of a long ride (cross bike on rail trail) but a few hours. :eyes::woman_shrugging: :crazy_face: would mean missing 3.3 :woozy_face:


If 3.3 is a TT simulation-would it be beneficial to do the workout on. TT bike?


I must say - I totally reset my Kickr in the app and it made a HUGE difference! Not sure why my wheel base was what it was but it was WAY off! Doing this weeks workouts felt much better!


I have to take some weeks off my bike. I had a race last weekend and my knees are not good after the race. I just want to get back on my bike, but I think I have to listen to my body. Its so frustrating that my body dont work like I want…
I did workout 3.1 but me knees was angry after the workout.
It has been a great experience to have a training plan, and I hope to be able to do it when my body is cooperating with me again…


@Sylvie good weather does not last long on certain places… might as well go out and enjoy!

@franklim sure, if you are doing it outside. But it is not necessary. I so TTs IRL on my road bike!

@sehagens26 that’s great news! Wonder if others can benefit from that as well.

@bernssen I am so sorry about your knees. You are wise to be conservative and let them heal by taking a break. I hope you are able to get expert help. I also hope you keep in touch through the forum - if not in the WCC, in the other areas. Let me know if I can help in any way, now or in the future.


@Coach_Theia I thought next week was the last week? Is it 5 weeks long?


Finally did 3.2 today. Sheesh, those 45-second intervals almost killed me! I hadn’t found that any of the previous workouts really pushed me to my limit, and I found the 20/20 intervals were no problem at all. I could have kept doing more of them. But man, the 45/30 ones? Definitely not my strength! Congratulations @Coach_Theia, you got my HR pretty much to max by the last two. I practically saw stars as I broke through the last arch, not just the Zwift gold stars either, the my-brain-isn’t-getting-enough-O2 stars :dizzy_face:


@PneeZee the challenge ends on June 22nd, so yes, 5 weeks (30 days).

@mirandahughes247 awesome job!!!

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