Week 3 Workouts Discussion - Women's Cycling Challenge


Workout 3.3! Toughie! I can never say I enjoy TTs but got a real buzz and sense of satisfaction from this one as with real life TTs (I’ve only done three and all this season - newbie!). Middle interval was a touch off but overall I think I’m getting better at meeting cadence and power without ERG. Loving the workouts @Coach_Theia, thank you for having me on the challenge! And great timing that the recovery week coincides with my work trip to China. I’ve booked myself on to a night bike tour of Shanghai, should be a good recovery spin with stops for street food and taking photos!


Glad to have finished 3.3 … And the Zwift STARS system, did help me to stay focus and “present” on both power and rpm and “ramp-up” time targets ! Looking forward to the following week !


Wow, that was tough. Really looking forward to the recovery week which falls with great timing as I’ll be at a conference for work. Hoping to do those recovery rides outside. Thanks Coach Theia!


Thank you all for all your hard work and doing your best!!


@Coach_Theia I loaded workout 3.1 and 3.3, I did the 175km on a tandem on Saturday, and we were the first ladies tandems. An inspiring moment!!


Completed 3.3. Not comfortable standing on my bike!


In case someone here knows … My wahoo element bolt decided to go to blank screen yesterday, so I borrowed my husbands. So now, my ride goes on his strava, which I can then transfer to mine, but some of the data like HR does not transfer to Training Peaks…anyone by any chance know if I can correct that? I have sent a ticket to wahoo in regards to my bolt , but in the meantime UGH! …the data seems to transfer ok to my stava file…Thanks in advance


Point a web browser to Strava, logging in under your husband’s account, and export the file as a .gpx (under the tools icon when viewing the ride). Then logout of his account, login to your own and upload the file using the “+ upload activity” button in the upper right. After it’s all tickety-boo, your husband can delete the ride from his Strava feed, and you can delete the ‘rode with’ shared activity that doesn’t have the HR data. (Actually, you might have to do this last step first to avoid Strava preventing your upload as a duplicate activity.)


Thanks @mirandahughes247 that’s what I did …seems to go over to my strava file fine but the HR and cadence don’t make it to training peaks when I upload there :woman_shrugging:


Just trying to figure out how to get all info in in case my bolt is out of commission for a while :see_no_evil:


Oh sorry, missed the part that it was specific to TP. I think the trick might be to export in .tcx format, actually. Maybe try that? Hope your Bolt recovers!!


Thanks will have a look later …and me too re bolt :woozy_face:


@doretp woot! Congrats!!!

@franklim you could start by standing for only a few seconds and slowly increase the time standing. But if even then you do not feel you are able to keep good form and control, then skip it for now. No problem at all. A strong core is key to standing on the bike.

@Sylvie so weird… I was going to make the same suggestion as Miranda. Something strange that happened to me the other day was that I set a new Max Power PR on a ride outside, and when I uploaded the ride file to Strava and TrainingPeaks, the max power is lower. I also have an ELMNT.


Technology! :woman_shrugging::woozy_face: wahoo has responded and think it’s a warranty issue. May take a while before we’re good to go :eyes:


@Coach_Theia congrats on your PR :wink:


@Sylvie thanks! But now I think it didn’t really happen! :rofl:


Haha! Of course it did!! :partying_face::joy:


Hi Theia
I have completed my week 3 survey, only managed to get 3.1 done this week, but it was the first time I have managed to do a workout without ERG mode turned on. Took a while to get used to but I enjoyed it and it was a lot tougher mentally trying to keep in the correct zones.

Can you please send me week 4. Will try to get back to a full week of workouts.

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