Week 4 Workouts Discussion - Women's Cycling Challenge


I did 4.1-unlocked “”Sprinter Apprentice” for hitting 500W for the first time in 1-1/2 years of riding Zwift and saw my avatar get up off that bike! Superfun workout!


You did it correctly, @michaelafuetsch!


4.1 that was fun. Loved seeing how hard I could push it for the short burst… And no computer glitchs​:+1:t3::+1:t3::+1:t3::+1:t3:


Thanks Coach Theia for letting me participate in the Cycling Challenge. I’m learning lots of "lessons’ such as high cadence and lower gears take you over mountains faster or how to crank high watts in a proper sprint. I’m doing things in this cycling challenge that I haven’t ever done in over a year of riding by myself .


I was surprised to also find this workout fun. Effort putout was short & sweet! Leaving me with enough energy to get through each effort. Nice!:sunglasses:




I’ve done 4.1 and 4.2 so far and i finally feel like I’m maybe getting the hang of not using ERG mode. Can i say the single leg spins were tough this morning but i made it through. I do have to say @Coach_Theia, you told us in the video for 4.1 not to even think about getting stars if using Zwift but somehow i ended up getting probably more stars than any other workout since not using ERG, which makes me think i’m Totally messing something up!! Really enjoying the workouts and hopefully learning a little bit to help me on my 55 milers this summer. Still need to look into a WoMo ride here in Chi Town.


Thanks so much for the comments!

@franklim thank you for taking on the challenge!

@PaleGail take the stars :smile: Maybe you can join the July 14th WoMo ride? I’ll be leading that one… Here is more info: https://www.facebook.com/WoMoRide/


I use Wahoo Element and Strava…I didn’t think I had a graph like that, but found something similar.


As I have a 7-day 704 mile, 87,000 feet climbing trip across the Pyrenees in July, I’m now thinking I may have picked the wrong challenge for my natural talents.

Panic may be setting in.


@jenny it is not about the event itself (unless of course you are talking about races such as crits, cyclocross), but rather about how you approach it by using your strengths. That trip sounds absolutely fantastic! When does it start? Have you been increasing your volume and adding back-to-back rides?


Just finished 4.2. A couple of observations about one-sided pedalling drills, which I had never done before.

  1. They suck if your trainer has little road-feel. omg :fearful:
  2. Power pedals don’t work well as sensors, since they drop-out for cadence or power or both when you’re doing the right side. (True even for my dual-sided P1s, since the left is responsible for transmitting readings from both L&R, and it would fall asleep even if the R pedal was reading.)

Still a cool workout, even if my graphs aren’t pretty.


@Coach_Theia…time flies when you’re having fun, 4th week…having said that, I had an engagement yesterday, just getting back on track today :woozy_face: I didn’t get 4.1 in…should I try and get it done today? Or just move on to the next two as scheduled ? Thanks :wink:


Thanks for sharing- others might have the same experience depending on their trainers. I have a Tacx Neo and am only able to do single-leg if I keep the other leg clipped in (and make it “dead”). This workout should reveal any potential imbalances between left and right legs…

@Sylvie you could do the workouts Wed/Fri/Sun or, if you are not able to do all three, skip 4.2.


Ok will see what I can fit in :+1:


Indeed. My left leg is stupid, and my right is weak. :laughing:


:flushed: :laughing:


I finished 4.2 now - I completely messed this one up :see_no_evil:. I thought I try and click out with one leg and place this one on the bottle holder … somehow a strange position. On the left side I noticed my shoe plate is not good anymore and I clicked out accidentally :smile:. It also takes too much time to click out and in which means I had to stop pedalling completely for some seconds. So for me it worked best to keep both legs in the pedals and put one leg to sleep :wink:.
Was an interesting workout.


@Coach_Theia Probably a silly question re 4.2. Is it just the first segment we do single leg and not the high and low cadence drills as well :astonished:


Yes, @watsonsue you’re correct. If you scroll down through the workout description in TrainingPeaks, it tells you the rpms.


It has been a slow progress, but after spending the last few weeks testing without ERG on on a few segments, today i finally completed a workout with no ERG! Its alot harder, but also makes the ride more interesting and enjoyable…or that could be the result of workout 4.2.