Week 4 Workouts Discussion - Women's Cycling Challenge


4.2 was deceptively challenging with the cadence change ups. I had to pay attention about making sure I was distributing the weight on the pedals consistently and evenly throughout the entire cycle.


@Coach_Theia i will take those stars! I will look at the July WoMo ride! Doesn’t look like they posted details yet though


4.2 done. Was fun. Took me until the second set to get the single leg to not skip. But held a good cadence and got some stars. :blush:


Out of curiosity, when would you recommend we take a FTP test? I haven’t taken one in a very long time and i have been slowly increasing by 3-5 watts every now and then. It made me think that i might be due when my husband said that i was making an interval look too easy which was 100% FTP…my legs didnt feel like it was easy!


4.2 done - wow, that was hard! First time ever for single leg work and I obviously need much more practice :rofl: Really struggled to keep rhythm and was nowhere near the watts target but overall a really good session, lots of variety and recovery periods. Really loving this challenge, thank you so much @Coach_Theia


They = me :grimacing::see_no_evil: I should do that soon!

@puggles you could do an FTP or a ramp test after the challenge is over- give it 2 days of good rest and do it. Alternatively, you could continue to manually increase your FTP for the workouts by no more than 10% at a time.


Still no workouts for week 4 for me ?


So very sorry I bet the week 4 email got accidentally deleted and I’ve been trying to upload week 3 all week!


Not a great week for my schedule this week :see_no_evil: anyway, I got 4.1 in, but not sure whether I did it right :woozy_face: my issue was figuring out when to change to my big gear? I ended up using the big gear and keeping the low watt shortly before the all out 10 sec…? Not sure I got that right after seeing some of the comments above …any whoooo…done…good workout :+1: thx


I will re-send you week 4.


Yes, that is fine, the goal was to start the sprint in a big gear so shifting before works. I looked at your Strava and it looks great!!


Ok thanks. :+1:


Just completed 4.2 and I don’t think I have a right leg!! I think it just comes along for the ride!! Brilliant work out, really made me concentrate on effort through both legs. Thank you! :pray:



Tomorrow is the TT National Championship in my country for my category, the distance is 10 km. The first 5 km are at -0.8% and then turn in U (0.8% the same road). I start like the 3.3 workout?

Yesterday finished all the training this week, today is free or ride a couple of minutes

Thank you!!!


Hi Nancy- yes, use the start and finish of the 3.3 workout for tomorrow! Exciting that you are doing it!! Remember, you are there to GIVE your best, not to take anything, focus on each km at a time, stay in the moment, stay present, focus on what is immediately in front of you and not what is ahead of you.




@Coach_Theia sorry, didn’t mean to call you out :slightly_frowning_face:
I’ll keep a watch for it in FB - i’m Thinking i will try to join although I may be on my commuter bike by then as I have to ship my road bike to PA for a 55 miler on July 21st.

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Hi Jenny- the questions for feedback are included in the workout log for week 4 and are as follows:

  • What did you like the most about this challenge?
  • What can be improved for next time?

Then on the workout log for week 5, I ask “What was the one thing you learned during the challenge that will help you in your cycling?”

Thanks for asking and for being willing to share your feedback!


I just finished 4.2 and I couldn’t help but laugh at myself! My legs are for sure 2 peas in a pod and without the other, they can’t function! :joy::joy:

That was tough, I’d be ok for the first 30 sec of the one leg interval and then I guess I’d get tired and my pedal strokes became really choppy, embarrassing really, oh well, now I know what to work on!