Week 4 Workouts Discussion - Women's Cycling Challenge


Good luck tomorrow, Nancy!


Done with 4.3 - glad to have submitted the links ? ( feels like i am back in school, trying to finish homework ).

4.3 was tough ( didn’t make it to last set ). even in the heaviest gear , sticking with the low cadence won’t get me to the required power…mmmm…


Thanks @Coach_Theia. I’m heading out on the bike this morning, so will get my thinking cap on. Picking only 1 thing for next week’s question could be a challenge!


Good luck!!


It can be more than one :relaxed:


@Coach_Theia i already submitted week 4 since i was traveling and i finished them early this week - thinking we were done, so excited there’s a week 5!!!


Finished 4.3 today. I found 4.2 the hardest this week - the individual leg pedalling was difficult, and I discovered I can pedal better (or less worse :sweat_smile:) with my left leg! Most definitely need more practice at this.

@Coach_Theia it’s been great the last 4 Weeks :+1:


Did 4.3 this morning, loved it! I really felt so much more that my power and cadence wire under control and the couple of blips I had where I lost that control for a short time and starting swinging wildly from too much to too little power were a matter of seconds. At the start of this challenge I was like that the whole time! I know @Coach_Theia you said don’t get hung up on getting stars in Zwift but…I’m so pleased to report that I got a full set of stars on 4.3. First time ever!!’


I did it!!!


Wow CONGRATULATIONS @Nancy_PR!!! :star_struck::muscle::muscle::muscle:


Wow!!! Well done @Nancy_PR!!




@Nancy_PR - Woohoo - Congratulations!


I know the core workouts are the less glamorous end of things, but I just wanted to thank you for including them, and thereby making sure they nagged me from that TP calendar. I am finally able to complete the 20 mountain-climbers without a pause.


Wow!!! Congratulations @Nancy_PR!


@Coach_Theia I’m also finding the core workout really useful. Is there a core 2 set of exercises please?


HI Jenny- I am glad you are doing the core routine and finding it beneficial! Before moving to another set, you could increase the number of reps. I plan on having another core set for the next round of training.


WOW!!! Congratulations!!! :partying_face::partying_face::partying_face:


Completed a century yesterday and felt really strong, especially pushing over the hills. Truly believe the workouts and core exercises are making all the difference. Just four weeks with this challenge and already seeing the benefits. So appreciative for the time you have dedicated to us!