Week 4 Workouts Discussion - Women's Cycling Challenge


@Coach_Theia not sure my workout log went through successfully since I don’t remember commenting on “What can be improved for next time?”

Wish I could have completed all three workouts of the week. Since I ride with my club outdoors on the weekends, I only do two of the three workouts on Tuesdays and Thursdays, and have to replace a workout with an outdoors ride (such as workout 4.2 which I skipped because I did a century on Saturday). I was wondering if this type of training is best done in the off season when I am able to be on the trainer more than two days of the week.

Thank you for the opportunity to participate.


I have been balancing the workouts plus outdoor rides as well. I’ve been doing the workouts during the week- M, W, Th or T, Th depending, and doing my outdoor rides on the weekend and sometimes one midweek. I’ve had several weeks where I only did 2 of the training rides. I’m still feeling the benefits and I’m glad to have had this opportunity.


Hi there, I didnt get 4.2 in …I had thought of getting in today, but got an outdoor ride in (didn’t rain after all…) I have uploaded that file as third ride. Not sure you needed that one, but there it is. Thanks again. Cheers

PS I forgot in the survey…one of the things I enjoyed about the challenge? This keeps me disciplined haha otherwise I tend to get carried away…I start on recovery but then …ooops feels good so off I go! Anyone else?


@Coach_Theia was there questions attached to the previous weeks when we submitted? If so, I don’t remember seeing them and I apologize if I missed them


Same here re Core workouts! Keeps me accountable :wink: having that core workout loaded in training peaks is like a big beacon flashing at me!! My ‘hold the boat’ is a lot less shaky :joy: so definitely working :+1: thx @Coach_Theia :blush:


Congrats @Nancy_PR!,


Hi @Coach_Theia. I’m trying to submit my week 4 workouts but the links aren’t coming up on the individual workouts. Is it because I’m late? Flew back from China yesterday so couldn’t do it until now. And as it is, I could only complete 1.5 workouts, very hard to replicate on the hotel gym bike, and with no aircon or fan (35C deg heat!). And my second hotel only had a rusty old spin bike so I didn’t even attempt 4.3… Any suggestions please so that I can get it sorted and get Week 5’s workouts?


Hi @Coach_Theia, somehow I didn’t receive an email with the week 5 workouts this time. I submitted my week 4 workouts on Thursday already - I hope you received them?


@sarahjane that’s strange… maybe try from a different browser? I checked and it looks fine. Here is the link: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/wccweek4

@michaelafuetsch sometimes TrainingPeaks fails to send or there could have been a misspelling on your email address from the form. I just re-sent it.


@Coach_Theia I haven’t seen the week 5 email either I submitted my week 4 survey last wed


Workout 5.1 done!!! I was a bit tired from 2 weekends rides but I liked it a lot, the rapid changes are really similar to what happens outside so it’s really useful to train like that.

I started magnesium @Coach_Theia, and already feeling better, Thank you!


Just sent it again…


Many thanks… it worked now and I have the email.


Got it now thanks @Coach_Theia!!


Wait, is there a week 5?!

Unfortunately I broke a toe last week and only finished through 4.1 (just submitted the link via survey monkey). My plan is to keep bumping workouts forward in TP until I can complete them! I will do the same for week 5 if there is one! @Coach_Theia could you still send me the week 5 workouts?? Thanks!


I am so sorry about your toe! I sent you the plan.

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