Week 5 Workouts Discussion - Women's Cycling Challenge


Final week!! Exciting workouts! Let’s discuss them here.


Great! I repost my comment here.

Workout 5.1 done!!! I was a bit tired from 2 weekends rides but I liked it a lot, the rapid changes are really similar to what happens outside so it’s really useful to train like that. I started magnesium @Coach_Theia, and already feeling better, Thank you!


I am glad you were able to see how the intervals translate into riding outside! Happy also that the magnesium is making a difference. Make sure you get some good rest and recovery tomorrow!


Absolutely a rest day tomorrow! :rofl:


Hi-I didn’t get Week#5-Thanks!



Just completed 5.1 as well and loved it. I enjoyed the spinups. I have been slightly increasing my FTP too and finding it fine.

My husband has also been inspired and no longer trains in ERG!


Hi @franklim I just sent it again.

@puggles that is so cool!!!


Good afternoon! Really difficult to complete the 10 minutes of over/unders in workout 5.1. I should have rested today.

Once this challenge is completed, is anyone else planning to continue to get fitter, faster, and stronger with Coach Theia?

I am interested! Let’s go at it for another month!:sunglasses:


@mnoyola I’m interested but I wish it was winter here and not summer


@PneeZee even thought its (technically) summer here, i can’t always get in IRL so i want to make the most of my indoor rides
@mnoyola i’m Thinking about being in myself! I’ve seen a difference but have more room to improve for sure!


5.1 done :see_no_evil: I feel like I had a hard time finding my gears today for right cadence/power… :woman_shrugging::see_no_evil: having said that, I had my stem shortened and new saddle yesterday…trying to tweak my bike fit. I’m wondering if that could have been enough to throw me off :woozy_face: or maybe my tired legs just not wanting to cooperate :joy: another great workout though, thx coach :wink:


@Coach_Theia I realize I could do just one between 5.2 and 5.3 this week. Which one would you suggest?


5.3 :slight_smile:


Perfect, thanks!


I got the link and completed 5.1. Thanks! I had to pay close attention to the cadence changes. The intervals and watt targets weren’t hard but the cadence changes were challenging!


Just completed 5.1. Having realised how lazy my right leg was last week during the pedalling skills, I seemed to be really aware of it today and made it work! I Loved it. Thanks coach!


I had a blast completing 5.1, for whatever reason I felt strong today! Go me! Thanks Coach Theia!


5.1 looks easy but gets tricky :wink: nice focus on making it work @franklim, @osteoclinics, @Sylvie and @PneeZee!


@Coach_Theia 5.1 was way tougher than it sounded like! Fewer stars today :joy: i try not to focus on those, but i am so motivated by rewards, even virtual - I know, getting better at cycling is a reward also


Did 5.1 yesterday - loved that one. My legs are super sore today!