Week 5 Workouts Discussion - Women's Cycling Challenge


I did 5.1 yesterday and thought it was great. Just the right level of challenge. I think I will do another FTP test after this week. I thought the week one workouts were really hard, but they haven’t been as difficult for me the last couple of weeks. I love that the workouts push me harder than I would normally go if left to my own devices.

Does anyone use TrainerRoad instead of Zwift? I’ve just signed up for a month to try it out. I was disappointed to learn (right after I signed up) that you can’t import workouts from TrainingPeaks. TR seems to give me much more accurate cadence info, and not so many huge swings in power numbers based on the very short practice ride I did. But if I can’t import workouts I’m not sure it does me any good.

I definitely want to continue training with @Coach_Theia but I need to get my data sorted out if I’m to get the most out of it. I’d really rather not buy a new trainer right now. On the plus side, I’m getting pressure mapping for my saddle done today! Hooray!



I also did 5.1 yesterday. 10 minutes of over/unders was :woozy_face: for me but I made it through.


@NUGirl my husband uses trainer road, he swears by it. I’ve never used it, that stinks you can’t import workouts from TP.


I completed 5.2 this morning and did much better than I did on 5.1; guess I really needed that extra rest day and I perform better in the mornings. @Coach_Theia How soon can I complete 5.3? I was thinking 38-40 hours in between workouts 5.2 and 5.3. Is that enough?


@NUGirl how was the saddle mapping? Any unexpected revelations?

I was under the impression that it was possible to import workouts that are in .fit file format… That’s a bummer. I know it’s possible in VirtuGo and Road Grand Tours (they are similar to Zwift).

@stacypro longer over/unders are usually :woozy_face: for me too! That can have to do with many things, including not being used to them or the type of rider you are.

@mnoyola yes, that is enough time between workouts.


@Coach_Theia It ended up being more of a complete fitting than just a pressure mapping. He started by looking at me on my outdoor bike, which feels pretty comfortable to me. But after doing the pressure mapping and watching me spin on the trainer I ended up with a wider saddle, a longer stem and narrower handlebars. Then he replicated the same fit on my trainer bike and tweaked it to fit. All of that was a bit surprising to me. It’s definitely a more aggressive riding position than I am used to. Looking forward to tomorrow’s workout with the new setup.

I’ll check out TrainerRoad and see if I can manually import a workout. Maybe it just won’t import automatically like Zwift does.



@Coach_Theia I’ve uploaded this week’s rides, although I’ve only been able to do 2 out of the 3 as I’m away now until 29th.

I’ve really enjoyed following this structured training programme over the last month and am really grateful that you’ve given us the opportunity to do it. Many, many thanks!


WOW 5.3 was tough!!! :hot_face: At the top of the pyramid I realized I had to go down per steps and my legs were already burning!!! But…I did it! I was screaming to myself at the end…go go go don’t quit, don’t quit… my neighbors probably thought I’m crazy :rofl::rofl::rofl: (well, probably I am)


@NUGirl ilook at this article


Went for a ride with the hubby today who noticed an improvement in smoother pedaling and consistent cadence. I then asked what he thought about paying for a monthly membership. He was supportive of it as he said I am clearly enjoying it, plus it’s winter and a good time to stay indoors to ride. Thanks @Coach_Theia for introducing me to your program! I just signed up :wink:


Glad you got the more complete fitting @NUGirl. Makes sense, as it is rarely one change alone that needs to be made. Hope it works out and don’t be shy about going back for a tweak if needed after riding with the new setup.

@DottieG thank you so much for participating and for your feedback. I hope you will consider staying active here in the forum, as we can have any cycling and nutrition-related discussions under the other open categories!

@mariannamarcucci hahahaha!! That is such an important skill to have- to be able to shift your mindset and talk yourself out of quitting!! Nice job!!

@puggles really excited you are joining! I sent you the welcome email with the link to schedule our call. I am so happy your progress is visible :slight_smile: Tell your husband to wait a few more weeks!! :muscle:


@Coach_Theia I just realised that because I waited until today to apply the training plan for this week to my TP account it means only 5.3 is showing up in the calendar! Had had planned to try do all three workouts for this week by Monday but obviously now will only be able to do 5.3!

However whilst I’ve been away this week I’ve done 4strength training sessions in the gym - squats, deadlifts, core work etc and walking and yoga practice every day.


Hi @Tracyligemagreen I can email you the .zwo files of 5.1 and 5.2 if you want, but it woulkd be best to do only one more (so 2 total) between now and Monday… and in that case I’d pick 5.1.


Ah ok so what if I do 5.3 today then do a ride IRL on Saturday or Sunday (which is highly likely to happen anyway whether I do a second workout or not)?


Depending on how long the IRL ride is, and what you are used to (i.e., if you know you usually get tired from the IRL ride) then you can skip the workout. I will email it to you and let you decide…


@Coach_Theia just re-read my reply and it doesn’t really seem clear! I meant - I’m likely to do an irl ride at the weekend anyway so should that replace me doing 5.1 or 5.2?


Great thanks. It’s also handy to have the workouts to fall back on in case it’s horrid weather at the weekend.


I second that!!! This has been fabulous!!!
Thank you, @Coach_Theia :star_struck:


5.2: Whowsa, it really was mind over matter those last 3 sets! Legs are pudding. Happy pudding though :sweat_smile:


One piece of feedback I didn’t think of while filling in the survey is it would be great to have free rides sprinkled in there as well. Perhaps one week 3 workouts plus one free ride, another 2 workouts plus one free ride or similar. I did some of those on my own but sometimes it was hard to find the time to do 4 rides next to my regular commitments. Just my 2 cents.