Week 5 Workouts Discussion - Women's Cycling Challenge


:joy: love that! Thanks for the feedback @pilinkaba! I have incorporated free rides into the July training plan, so you will have that option :slight_smile:


To all participants: please make sure you submit this week’s completed workouts via survey so you can receive a special discount on some awesome women’s cycling apparel- more to follow.


5.3 was challenging. The “down” ladder and latter portion of the last 2 intervals made me work hard. I presume it’s ok to flip the order of the workouts around as I’m working this weekend and figured an easy spin and 5.2 are more feasible after hospital rounds


Isn’t it amazing how going down that pyramid can be so hard? It’s counterintuitive, but an effective way to work the muscles. Yes, it’s OK to flip the order of the workouts.


I’m finding bike position matters A LOT in trying to hit the higher cadences in lower gears. I use a Stupid Kinetic Non erg Road smart trainer that connects with Inride. I use a Liv alight hybrid bike on my trainer (flat bars more upright less aggressive position). It;s harder to do cadence > 100 rpm in the upright position. I can hit it in the lower gears if I engage the core and ride in a drop type position. The higher cadence-lower gear is easier. I might try some workouts with my Trek Lexa road bike on the trainer and ride in the drops. The trainer is properly calibrated to Kinetic specifications.


My go to bike IRL is Trek dual sport with flat bars. The reality is that I am my age and have good fitness but don’t feel stable riding in an aggressive position or in the drops off my trainer. I rode a Specialized Diverge and Liv invite gravel bike and didn’t like either bike,
I rode a 50K event last Saturday and finished well ahead of my goal time-first IRL longest ride. I have fitness but lack confidence. I did remember to “lift the pace” last weekend to get over the hills.


Finally。。。completed 5.3 - was mentally prepared for harder - but what pleasant surprise - easier than 5.2/5.1. Its a wrap… thanks Theia and all for the program !


Has anyone had their resitance get easier on their trainer, or are you getting fitter? I have been upping my ftp and since starting this program, I am up 15 watts. The reason I ask if that I found 5.2 to test me, but felt I could have gone even harder with a higher ftp. Are you meant to reach your Max HR for the main sets? I was under by 10-20bpm


I second that - the I believe that as Coach mentions some of the workouts are like being in a leg machine… which is strengthening those muscles! Love it!!


I managed 5.2 but I think something about those high cadence spin ups strained a muscle. My outer quad on one side has been really sore and I feel like I was yanking upwards on the pedals trying to spin up quickly.


@Coach_Theia, I’m going to do 5.3 tomorrow, have a slight cold. I’ll upload the workout just after I do it. Thanks again for the opportunity to been part of this fantastic group. It was a valuable experience, and my FTP increased by 19 watts. I enjoyed the interaction, and I would love to continue, however I am between a rock and a hard place deciding, and the only reason is my work schedule and studies which make it a bit difficult.


Wow! 5.3 was hard! I was sweating so much I ended up taking off my shirt and using it to mop the sweat off of my face. Must remember my headband next time!

I tried a few tweaks to my setup and I think it worked like it was supposed to! I used my computer with the speed/cadence sensor connected via ANT+ rather than iPad via Bluetooth. I changed the cadence sensor battery for good measure. Fingers crossed that this continues to work!


That’s a hard question to answer, just because it can vary quite a bit from person to person. I would say that as a general rule, the 5.2 intervals were not meant to drive you to Max HR.


Hi Stacy, if you feel you are not able to keep good form on the spin ups, please reduce the cadence until you are able to do so. It’s fine. Pain on only one side could signal an imbalance. The core II routine targets glutes and hips, specially the lateral leg raises, which are meant to strengthen those muscles and engage them right before the workouts to avoid injury. Take it easy and I would not recommend stretching or foam rolling. Icing is better. Hope it feels better!


Hi @doretp 5.3 should be OK with a slight cold, but please feel free to reduce your FTP for that workout if you feel less than energized. Or even skip it. Thanks so much for participating in the challenge! I understand life gets really busy. I’ll be here if you ever decide to come back! And please feel free to continue in the forum if you would like :wink:


Yes! That’s good news.


Great job on your ride!!! Congrats! Your confidence will continue to build as you continue to train and do more IRL rides. I think it’s a good idea to try your road bike on the trainer. Also, if you feel that the 100 rpms are really hard to achieve right now, target 95 rpms, and over time you should be able to increase it.


Thanks @evelyn.phang for participating!! Please consider continuing in the forum for some good discussions :slight_smile:


I am getting a LOT BETTER. I went for a group ride with SAS tonight after work for 50 K and stayed with them the entire way (was dropped like a bad habit the last time I went out with them). I’m riding my road bike on the trainer. Probably best group ride ever. I’m looking forward to the next workout block.


Fantastic @franklim!! Way to go!!!