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I’ve done 5.1 and 5.2 this week and am going out for a ride IRL today so will count that as my 5.3, if that’s ok and will upload the workouts later this afternoon. I’ve had great fun and learnt such a lot of this challenge, thank you so much @Coach_Theia for your time and effort and generosity. I won’t be taking up the offer of coaching at the moment, too busy over the next couple of months to fit in the dedication and commitment but will certainly bear you in mind when the winter season starts and life doesn’t get in the way. Once again, many thanks.


Thank you so much @watsonsue it was great having you in the challenge! I hope you will come back here for some chatting in the meantime!


Definitely @Coach_Theia I’ve learnt so much from the chat here on these forums :slight_smile:


I have just submitted Week 5 workouts. 5.3 was an IRL ride…lovely out and had to get out and take advantage :wink: Thanks again so much for your time @Coach_Theia. I really enjoyed the challenge and will for sure keep you in mind if I decide on structured workouts. Loved the chats in here as well. Cheers!


Finished 5.3 today- i’m with the group that thought it was harder than 5.1/5.2 - i struggled with keeping my power anything close to constant - just when i think i’m Getting the hang of not using ERG mode, @Coach_Theia throws in a workout that lets me know I haven’t quite gotten it yet :sweat_smile:
Looking forward to joining many of you starting tomorrow on the new plan!! For those that can’t join us now, hope to see you on Zwift of in the future!!! It’s been great having everyone’s support!!


Thanks so much @Coach_Theia. Being winter here, the structured program was really great. I did feel some difference. I went for a IRL on Saturday for a small spin with the club to prepare for a race on Sunday. It was a small climbing ride and I was relaxed for the whole 50kms.
I was prepared for the race, which started late in the day. It gave me time to fuel. I held a wheel for 30kms at a pace of 33kms per hour, but with 5kms to go and two short 10% gradient hills at the end, on the first I lost all strength in the legs and lost the wheel. I felt shattered. I finished on an average of 32kms per hour. Which for me is ok, but hills are my enemy and I have to go conquer them.
I want to thank you, but I won’t continue, I have to now prepare for the Kokoda Track… However I will keep all of this close by, as I have another road race at the end of the year. (With lots of hills). :slight_smile:


5.3 done and dusted. I did this one outdoors, and man is it hard to maintain steady power and correct cadence out on the roads! Thank you @Coach_Theia for the opportunity to gain experience and confidence on the bike over the course of the challenge.


I got close to my maxHR by the last repetition in 5.2, but I was pushing the high-intensity parts a good bit higher than target (to about 150% FTP) for the heck of it, knowing I’d be off the bike due to travel for a couple of days. Otherwise I probably would have been under by about the same amount as you. This program has been instructive to me in showing me that you don’t have to practically die in the midst of every workout in order to make gains. :smile:


Hi @Coach_Theia. I still can’t find a link to submit week 5. I completed 5.1, 5.2 and an IRL ride as well as a Zwift race. Thank you for accepting me on to the programme as a late addition! I’ve found the workouts a good challenge and great for when the weather’s been bad. I’m now trying to focus more on IRL rides to get ready for the Pyrenees in 4.5 weeks so won’t be signing up for the new programme but good luck to all the ladies that are!



I’m cross with myself! Just realised that although I got my computer out specifically to upload my week 5 workouts last night, I got distracted and planned my route for an outdoor ride tonight and totally forgot to do the survey :woman_facepalming: I’ve just done it now.

I’ll put it down to doing the last two workouts in one day yesterday - one in the morning and one in the afternoon.

Doing the workouts outside has been great fun and a revelation into what happens to watts and power as the road undulates. Fascinating thank you so much @Coach_Theia and all you other lovely ladies in the group.

@Coach_Theia I also just realised that I didn’t reply to your question about the Pyrenees last week…

@jenny it is not about the event itself (unless of course you are talking about races such as crits, cyclocross), but rather about how you approach it by using your strengths. That trip sounds absolutely fantastic! When does it start? Have you been increasing your volume and adding back-to-back rides?”

Last weekend I did 3 big rides back to back - 100km, 100 miles and 100km over 3 days. Then two rest days (away with work) and back to another two days riding back to back. I’m doing the challenge with @sarahjane and @tinagrobler in a month’s time.

Trying very hard to get a last push on the training so that I am as fit as I can be. It’s daunting as we will cover about 700 miles and almost 84,000 feet climbing!


Only got work out 5.1 done, as I’ve had a bad cold :frowning: :face_with_thermometer: but looking forward to getting back to riding in a couple of days :bike: :grin:


@jenny Wow! Best of luck!! :+1:


Thanks for the advice. I often get pain on only one side or only in my right leg. My fitter and I have tinkered with a lot of different things over the past few years to try and reduce it, but we’ve been adjusting my saddle position lately too. I did a relatively easy outdoor ride yesterday and it feels better today so I’m cautiously optimistic.


Thank you @susannelindsey, @heather.toland, @Sylvie please keep in touch!


@susannelindsey how was your fueling during the race? Also, you need to be careful following someone else’s wheel/pace. If they put you in a power zone for a period of time that you are not used to and are not able to rebound from, it can drain you. The other important thing is pacing. Overtime with training, you are able to go up hills as fast as you can by working with the power zones and cadence that are most effective for you so that you can go longer, and recover from the effort quickly and without having to drop the power by a lot and lose momentum. Do you have a power meter on your bike outdoors?


So glad you saw this, @mirandahughes247! Thanks so much fr participating!


Hello WCC participants! I will be closing the WCC-specific topics, but everyone will continue to have access to the other areas of the forum where we can discuss all things related to training, cycling, nutrition, and events. It would be great to continue to have this amazing community that we have created with the Challenge, so I hope you will come back for questions, comments, share your adventures and chat!!! So don’t be shy!!

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