What Gears you running.... I'm 52/36 with 11/32 in the rear


Hi - I’m wondering what others are running. I’m struggling with the workouts and not sure if it is because of big ring and not finding the right gearing. I did 2.3 in the small ring (36) today during the last set and I thought it was better, but then it all went to heck in a hand basket. I’m not sure if this is me still getting use to not using ERG or what. I’m getting a little frustrated and ready to throw in the towel, but going to still push through.


Hi Sallie
I run a 52/36 12/25 on my tt bike and my old roadie runs a 53/39 12/23.
My roadie is easier to use on the trainer as the cassette ratios are so close, so there is only small jump between going up and down gears.
On the tt bike it’s the same, its close, I find I favour my 18t on this bike.
Your cassette will have the ratios spaced out so when you add re trying to find the sweet spot gear, theres a chance it’s not there . Maybe next time your on the bike note the gear that’s just that fraction too hard and see what the next gear is that’s too easy, the numbers are on the cassette. It could just be a matter of swapping your cassette to a closer ratio. I run an 11-34 when I raced Canada because of the climbs, but found I was missing the gears I needed on the flat.
Maybe @Coach_Theia can explain this a bit better, I think I’ve waffled to much
Good luck


@sehagens26 I’ve found it is all about finding the right gear/cadence match. I know on one of the workouts I had to move to the smaller cog to get the cadence/wattage and thought ahh, that’s it, I’ve got it now but when I did the next workout I had to move back to the big cog so not really sure what the answer is :rofl: Don’t give up though, it’s a big learning curve for all of us and taking us out of our comfort zone and I’m sure we’ll all get better at it as the weeks go on.


I know what you mean. I love the challenge but find the same as you, I have trouble finding the right gear to match cadence. I am still getting used to not using ERG mode but am very frustrated, I’m still failing to get a lot of stars😢. Just living in hope that I improve before the training ends😂


Yes… we will push through together! I guess I got to use to ERG and it makes me wonder if I was really putting out the watts🤷🏽‍♀️ Good luck🤗


For last workout I kept front in large ring, and ss the cadence moved up, stayed mostly in middle to higher gear, which was a very weird phenomenon for me. I had a hard time getting back down to recovery watts (we’re not supposed to stop pedaling, right?) and if I got iff kilter in the high cadence segments, it was hard to regain the higher cadence. I guess that is a learning mode right there.


I have 52/36 and 11/32 in the back. I am not as knowledgeable as @Jojo though, when it comes to the combinations!


I run a 50/34 up front and 11-28 in back, because I live in the mountains in Canada. I have my heart set on a SRAM eTap upgrade, but for now I have found Sheldon Brown’s Bicycle Gear Calculator to be really helpful at understanding the gaps in gearing that my current set-up has. For instance, the step-up between my 15-tooth and 17-tooth sprockets is the biggest relative gap on my cassette, but if I’m in my big chainring and can’t find the gear I need, there is a perfect in-between gear on my small-chainring, using the smallest sprocket. (Yeah, cross-chaining and all that, but when I need it, I use it!) But I wouldn’t necessarily find it in the middle of a sweet spot workout unless I knew it was there. Seeing the chart of my gear ratios (or gear inches) helped me a lot!


Thank you so much!!