100 mile ride, Century Ride and Grand Fondos - How to prepare for your first long event

Looking to complete your first 100 mile ride or participate in a Grand Fondo? Here is a roadmap with what you need to know to get ready!

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@pilinkaba as we were discussing yesterday, above is the link to the post where I provide an overview of how to start adding volume in a progressive manner to prepare for centuries. Please feel free to ask any questions!

Excellent, thank you, @Coach_Theia!

It was great to have met you :slightly_smiling_face:

Iā€™m interested in a 100K fondo on 8/10 (IRL). I think I can get there with increasing the long rides once a week.

Yes, you can certainly do that @franklim. YOu could start building up your Sunday ride.

@Coach_Theia This is very helpful. Thank you. After reading this, I do not see a problem with being ready for a century in June. Most of the work can be done on the trainer with weekend rides in April and May.

@bkolden This might help you decided about riding in The Big Mike.

Thanks!! I will review. Now I just need to convince my hubby. I at least saw him reviewing the website!! lol

@kellynoelharman agree!