15 Minute Training Effort with hills, wind, turns and more in Solvang

I’m at training camp this week and wanted to share a video from my last effort of the day from yesterday. There is a lot going on here, too much to explain in detail, so I’ll summarize the big take aways.

  • In the very beginning people were getting dropped. Rather than close down the gap (about 2 minutes in) I “let” the rider in front of me do that. I know they could and would, so I took the free ride so I could save my legs for later. He later got dropped because of his initial hard efforts.
  • I was very careful to note who was behind me. The strongest rider in the group was behind me so I knew they would attack and I would need to cover. I was thinking about that constantly.
  • I pulled within my limits, knowing that an attack from behind could happen at any time. I would need to cover that, so I took short pulls within my limits.
  • Wind was a huge factor. I tried my best to shelter and pay attention to wind changes.
  • The first acceleration was from the strongest guy when it turned to a cross tailwind. That is a good way to force people to match your efforts and wear them down. I did not notice the wind change, but he did. (Note to self - become a weatherman and know where the wind is at all times).
  • I covered his initial hard attack in too small of a gear. I should have dropped the gear faster and avoided the large spike. I think he made the initial attack at much less power.
  • After I made the final break I gave up a little. I should have pushed through it. These break forming moves only last a minute or so. I should have just pushed through it. My coach told me after you are only allowed to ease up in these situations when blood starts coming out of your nose and mouth. Otherwise, just keep pushing. The pace will ease up.

I hope you enjoy watching this.

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Thanks for sharing all of this @dfriestedt!

[quote=“dfriestedt, post:1, topic:1584”]
allowed to ease up in these situations when blood starts coming out of your nose and mouth
[/quote] Yikes! I hope it never actually comes to that! :grimacing:

I think he was kidding… sort of. I think his point was, you cannot ease up because it hurts. I think that is a next level sort of mindset that takes practice. Something I need to practice in all honesty. Just need to push through the pain at times and just keep going. Forget about the pain.

Easier said than done obviously.

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I have a really hard time pushing like that too. I’d rather go all day than go all out for those short race efforts close to or above threshold.

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