30 Day Women's Cycling Challenge starts January 10, 2022!

Please share and invite your friends!!

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I wasn’t able to open the link.

Did you try opening the link with your phone? If so try moving the screen up and down with your thumb and it will load. I’m not sure why that happens but if you don’t touch the screen the loading of the website just hangs… I have that issue but thought it was my phone :sweat_smile:

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thanks @Covi I just tagged two people in the Zwift post. BUt yea, it was my phone.

It works fine on a computer- might have something to do with the optimization of that page for mobile devices…I need to contact the web developer…

it DOES work on a computer!!!

It took me quite a number of seconds for the spinning ball to settle down on my iPad, but I was able to open the link. I forwarded the link to a couple of women’s cycling groups. :slight_smile:

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I just shared with a couple of friends!

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Is there a code to upgrade to premium on Today’s Plan?

Hi @Rzonshine, we all have to buy a separate premium membership for Today’s Plan. It’s $12 usd a month (or $99 if you buy the full year). It’s worth it!