40% OFF 360 Velo Kits and gear - STORE OPEN!

Hi team!

Pactimo has a special going on… If you purchased 360 Velo gear, you know it’s cheaper than buying non-custom gear from Pactimo. Well, they are offering big discounts on top of the already lower prices (see below). I’d love to reopen a 360 Velo store. I am due for some updated bibs, etc. I use these even on the trainer. Bibs do wear out after a while. I also want another jersey as mine got ruined from the crash in July. If anyone else is interested, please comment below and I will get a store set up! I can add winter gear also.

Any orders in production by 10/31 gets 40% off

Any orders in by 11/15 gets 35% off and finally

Any orders in by 11/30 gets 30% off!!


I am always a sucker for new gear!

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I’d love a base layer and gloves for sure. I’m not a fan of my current jersey because the pockets are small for me.

And I do like the bibs so there is that!

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Oh yes ME!! My gloves have a hole in them

I’m sure I will “need” something once the store opens :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

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Are there order minimums? Are you opening it soon?

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What @Covi said :rofl:

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@Reneea2002 no minimums!! Yes, we will open soon to get orders before 10/31 to take advantage of the 40% discount. The lady who manages the store will be back on Monday.

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Will the thermal cap with the little ear flaps be available? James keeps trying to take mine

I believe so, Stefanie! I signed off on the designs yesterday and there was definitely a winter cap- just can’t recall whether it had flaps. The store should open today/tomorrow. The cold weather stuff looks so cool :money_with_wings: :money_with_wings: :money_with_wings: Also, the turnaround time will be 4 short weeks.


The store is open! The prices are incredible! USD 66 for a jersey, $81 for bibs, $27 for base layers, $24 for arm warmers, $16.80 for thermal cap… , :partying_face:

Note that they changed the fit of the Ascent Aero jersey slightly so that the material has more “give” and the pockets have more room. So it’s still an aero jersey, but not as tight as the last time we had a team store. The “skin tight” jersey is now the “Flyte” style (also added to the store).

I’ll also be ordering some thermal stuff as they will arrive at the end of November.

See below for more info:

360 Velo Team Store

The team store is now open and is set to close on October 30th.

All sales are final once they are placed. Our team Account Manager (Alison Sisson) has the ability to go in and adjust SIZES while the team store is OPEN, but she cannot adjust QUANTITIES. If team members decide they want additional items, they must submit a second order. She is also available to help with any sizing questions.


*****IMPORTANT: Pactimo has upgraded our sizing on all 2023 upper garments for a more generous feel on the larger sizes. The sizes affected are Men’s Size XL-XXXL and Women’s Size L-XXXL. It is important to check the new size charts for your size. ******

Size & Fit Guide
Call 800-801-9869 to speak to a fit expert during our business hours 8:30-5 US Mountain time

The team store will close at Midnight on October 30th. Once the store is closed, no additional orders can be accepted. At that point all orders will go into Production and the 4 week delivery time frame begins. Items purchased within the team store are not put into production until the entire store closes, not calculated 4 weeks according to the order date.

Our store has individual shipping. Please verify your shipping address. All shipments are delivered via Fed Ex, and cannot go to a PO Box and may require a signature at time of delivery


I hate to be a pain, but any chance you could have the raptor bibs added to the mix?

@Reneea2002 I am told that the Raptor bibs were discontinued last year in custom.

Aww poop!

I’ve been using my REVO. Thermal,gear for moving into cold weather and can completely support it!! It’s gotten me thru temps around the 40#s and chilly or rainy day
I used alpine thermal jersey with alpine thermal jacket for 40-50 degrees and it was awesome!

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Friendly reminder that the store closes tomorrow, Monday!

Thanks for the reminder! I got my order in from sunny San Diego :sunglasses:

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oh!! enjoy!!!