A little bit overtrained

So, when i imported all my last workouts to TP, i got to see in facts and figures that i have been training to hard for three months. TSS is way above what it should be at my age/level. Im feeling a little fatigued, i have a cold im not getting rid of 100% and lacking punch. I need to get a grip and train more smart. To do this first week im thinking of lowering my FTP in zwift. Im going to just do the sessions you push @Coach_Theia and nothing else. That will be aprox half the TSS ive had the lasts month. Any other suggestions how to get back? Maybe push the workouts to later this week?


Hi @Silje - great post and questions. TSS is a tool, but it is not a perfect tool (I explain it why in the video below). So while it is OK to look at TSS, it should not be the only thing to consider when training. How you feel and perform day in and day out is more important, and I can see from your comment that you recognize that- which is great!

I think your plan for this week makes sense, lower your FTP by 20% and do only two of the three workouts from the Challenge this week + 1 EASY (55% of FTP or below) ride. Start with that easy ride, then do 1.1 and 1.3 with the lower FTP (lower it more if needed and focus on skills such as cadence and transitions of power outside of ERG). Space them out throughout the week. Eat well, sleep as much as you can.

About training smart…

Training smart is indeed key to consistency - meaning, training just hard enough to create enough stimulus and adaptation that will yield the most progress, so that you are able to recover and continue training without interruptions due to health and fatigue issues. That’s when a good structured training program comes in. I used to be obsessed with TSS and was (in the words of my own coach), a “fatigue millionaire” who could not “cash out” all of that fatigue into performance.

I really started to see improvements in performance when my training hours went from 12-14hs/week to 9-10 hs/week and my weekly TSS was cut by about 1/3. I have never been stronger. So in my own training, I do not look at TSS at all anymore. I focus on the proper zones and time in those zones, as well as effective intervals that will generate growth. That is also what I incorporate into the training plans I prescribe to the 360 VELO members (who are all Master athletes by the way), and they can attest to the difference that smarter training has made into their own performances.


Thank you! I will try to lower FTP and only do two WO, and a easy ride this week.
I also watched the video, thanks. I find it hard to determine what kind of profile i have, but i will probably learn. I m looking forward to experiment with less riding and more quality in my work.

I see from my history that time in zone 1 has been decreasing and time in zone 3/4/5/6 has been increasing. Ive been riding about 10 hourse a week last three months, sometimes only 1-2 hours in zone 1/2 and the rest in the higher. Probably have something to learn here when it comes to zone distribution Its also interesting to see that my 1 min/5 min/20 min best have been getting worse and worse the last three weeks. I glad i found these alarming numbers so i can change habits NOW.

@Silje agreed. Here is another relevant post, this time about zones distribution.


Ooops, just noticed i did wo 1.2, the one you recommended to skip. Also i have been away for work, so i couldnt do a easy 50 % ride first. Anyway the rest was much needed and felt good, the wo 1.2 also felt good (i still was able to hit high numbers even though i lowered my FTP) I will do the last workout this week with a lower FTP and just focus on rest and nutrition.
I really felt i learned a good lesson this last week, and i feel i have connected even better with my body and the wonderful machine it is. I will listen to the telltale signs of fatigue (the not so good one) from now on.

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