Bike Shoes [Not Clips] + Toe Clips + Injury from Clip

Hi everyone - I LOVE my clips, but I got a stress fracture on a bone in the top of my foot. Dr. says it was “fluke” and I can go back to doing whatever, but I’m not wanting to break it all over again. I was a beginner in the clips and had trouble coming to a smooth stop. Anyway, for now, I’m looking for another shoe – is there a type of cycling shoe that’s not a clip but something that would be better than a normal casual shoe — also does anyone use toe clips? I’m a big fan of something to keep my foot position. Lastly, any resource or article that you know of that could explain better the risk of top of foot injury with clips? I really don’t think I got the fracture from the clips, maybe from my clumsy stopping. I had no pain whatsoever with the event. (Also dr says my bone density is fine.)

There are shoes that have like a recessed cleat. My friend used them until she went to her “regular “ cleats. I don’t know the name or brand but I’m sure someone smarter than me here knows!


I’ve got some shoes that I think are mountain bike shoes–they look kind of like sneakers but have hard soles and a clete that is kind of recessed like @gosimrr mentioned. I can walk on them just fine too, almost like a normal shoe. I wear them for bike commuting, errands, and gravel rides. They are Giro I think.

My husband had toe clips but hated them because they always spun to the underside of the pedal when he took his foot out for stops. So now he has flat pedals with little spikes on them that help his regular shoes grip. I use similar pedals in winter with snow boots. They keep your feet on the pedal but you can’t pull up like you can when clipped in so you lose power and efficiency.

I have those mountain-bike type thingys that I got by mistake - I will look for the little posts that stick out - yeah my husband uses tow clips (likes them) and says they do the ‘spin around’

Can you post a picture of those little post things? I can’t figure out what they are? Thanks!

These aren’t the brand we have but they are an example. There are lots of brands and styles in a wide range of price points.

This is what I have on my gravel/commuter bike. I can clip in on one side and ride with regular shoes on the other, On the flat side there are ridges all around the edge of the pedal to give extra grip to my shoes