Body Composition Scale Recomendations?

@Gossimrr I opened up a new thread as this is a great topic.

I am also looking to upgrade my body comp scale, just because it is so old.

I have been eyeing the Withings, but not sure it has what you are looking for. What are some of the data your are interested in that your scale doesn’t have?

There is also the Garmin Index s2 but not sure it’s worth the extra cost.

Although I will say… I’ve had an IronMan scale for 8+ years and its fat % measurement is pretty darn close to 2 DEXA scans I’ve done. The scale works great, is reliable and almost never needs new batteries.

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When I got one years ago I looked at both so things and Garmin and went with Garmin since it pairs with my watch I can’t recall if I looked at dc rainmaker at the time but he’s always got great reviews
I’d compare the features for what you’re most interested in and what it pairs with in terms of where you want to keep/track stuff and of course cost

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DC Rainmaker. I’ll check him out about scales.

@Coach_Theia why get a different one if it’s been good for 8 years?

Being spot on close to the scans you get is a good endorsement.

@PaleGail having it connect to an app is good too.

What I’d like one to track is my water content :rofl: sounds funny, BMI and muscle mass. I’d like to be aware of those numbers as I age.
Also the skeletal number sounds interesting too. I’d like it to keep track of trends.

I’ve put on some weight since December and it’s not budging. I also used my strength so I’m wondering what and where it’s going too. Is it menopause or muscle.

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I would love to have the little graph with the tracking feature… but yeah, I guess I don’t need it :grimacing:

I am not sure how reliable the muscle mass number is. I thought it was simply “fat free mass” which includes organs. Nevertheless, it’s a proxy to use to then track changes and trends from there.

As for the weight gain, you might have done this already, but have you looked at your total workout/riding hours per week for the last few months? At least for me, my riding hours go down in the winter, and I don’t exactly change my nutrition much, so I tend to gain weight.


@Coach_Theia I understand what you are saying. I am
Feeling its menopause weight. I’m hoping to up my time and mileage when it gets nice enough for me to ride outdoors.

I can see where the weight. Is going and it doesn’t seem to be muscle. IMHO. I’m weight obsessed from childhood and adulthood weight trauma.

I have to check out DC rainmaker. I liked the scales you suggested as well.

I also have the Ironman, since 2008. I keep track of changes on a notepad. Haven’t gone beyond simple weight in awhile, as I don’t want to know. I’m annoyed enough at the number the scale is returning so I refuse to delve any further! :laughing:

I can relate! For a while, I kept a notepad for measurements (hips, waist, chest, quads, calves) and still check from time to time what my measurements are. Sometimes the weight increase does not change these, so that’s a good indicator of water weight, for example.

I don’t like this option because it makes me feel like I have no control over it :grimacing:

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@Coach_Theia me either! That’s why I’m trying to mix things up!

@adm0629 I need to take measurements but have found 100 other things to do instead :woman_facepalming:

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I get it @Gossimrr i’ve been struggling with my weight since the beginning of the year, i feel like i can’t drop a few lbs and maybe my riding has gone down a little, I’ll have to look at that @Coach_Theia i know it did more recently as I’ve tried to go easy on my knee - if i watch my bread carbs and make sure I’m hydrating it seems better
I like the garmin, even if its not entirely accurate, it gives me something to keep track of with weight, body water, etc. since I’m not paying for the gym with the fancy one any longer
I don’t do measurements but i think about how my clothes fit not perfect but it works for me

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