Cadence Changes and Sprint Jumps - Recording of Live Skills Workout in Zwift

Here is the recording of Friday’s live skills session on Zwift. For the first 43 min or so we worked on cadence transitions (high to low and low to high), answering questions. From about 43 min on we worked on sprint form - proper way to get the “jump”/initial acceleration for a standing sprint, along with proper body position.

We had a great turnout! Thanks all for joining!

In this Friday’s Q&A we will talk about your goals and vision for 2021.

Adding 2 more videos on sprinting (notice in both cases I shift mid-sprint):

Indoors in Zwift:



Is this workout similar to what we’re expected to accomplish today?

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This was not actually a workout @Kaime, it was a meetup skills ride where those of us receiving regular coaching did some live practicing together. That said, what @Coach_Theia talks about regarding cadence and power changes and sprints, applies to workouts and other situations you may encounter, just not to a specific workout :smiley:

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So bummed I missed this, and not even sure how I did. Too many things happening all at once and I can’t keep up with forums, emails, social media etc. Thanks for the video! I will watch for sure.

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I’m so sorry I missed this as well!

Added 2 more related videos above re: sprints

Looked great! I missed this too not sure if it was part of the free group? To mimic this on our own what percentage near FTP would be aiming for & rpm in each exercise?


Hi @anna-rush this was for our members only. If you want to do this on your own, I’d recommend using low power- around 65%-80% of FTP - just enough to give you the resistance that you need to practice the shifting and skills. As for cadence, “high” would be 90-100 rpms and “low” would be 65-80 rpms - but I cue these during the ride (I think!)

Thanks will give it a go during one of my free rides, thanks

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