Cassette for Kickr

I was so excited to upgrade from a wheel-on Kinetic trainer to a new Kickr. I didn’t realize that the cassette that is included on the trainer wouldn’t be compatible with my bike. The included cassette is 11 speed, but my bike is only a 9 speed. I need to purchase a new cassette for the trainer, and I just want to make sure that I am getting the right thing. The current cassette on my bike is a SRAM 11-25, and the other components are Shimano Tiagra. I have found some SRAM 9 speed cassettes, but I only find 12-25. Should that make a difference?

Plan B is to put my Domane on the trainer and just buy a new bike for outside :wink:.

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Hi @NUGirl I am tagging @dfriestedt- maybe he knows. My trainer bike is a 10-speed and I had to buy a new cassette also when I got the Neo. Plan B is not a bad plan though… should I give you the “right” answer? :rofl:

Yes @NUGirl, the SRAM cassette will work. SRAM and Shimano cassettes are interchangeable as long as they are the same speed. The 12 tooth small cog instead of an 11 won’t cause any shifting problems but will leave you with slightly less top-end gearing. That shouldn’t be an issue on a trainer as I can’t imagine ever getting into my highest gear indoors. You will need to be sure to use an appropriate spacer with the 9 speed cassette when you mount it on the Kickr (they should have included one). Eleven speed cassettes will mount without a spacer but 9 or 10 speed will need one. Hope this helps.

@Peter Very helpful, thank you!

@Coach_Theia I already bought one bike this season, I think maybe two is pushing it! :joy: