Change to 1:1 Coaching Model (now under CINCH)

Hi Team-

After many months of evaluation, I have decided to transition all of the individual coaching that I do at 360 VELO to CINCH.

As you know, I have been doing my own training under the CINCH Performance Method for many years, and I incorporate many of their published concepts into the training I create. In addition, since December, I have been coaching several former 360 VELO members under CINCH with great success.

When it comes to individualized coaching, I believe their model is more beneficial. In particular, their use of individualized Power Training Zones (tailored to each rider) and workouts based on Rider Types allow for a level of customization I am not able to offer under 360 VELO. Their programs are not only for competitive athletes.

All the athletes that I coach individually here at 360 VELO have already been notified, but I wanted to share this news with everyone in case you decide to pursue 1:1 coaching and/or have friends who might be looking/interested.

Thank you.


That’s wonderful news!

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