Choosing routes on Zwift for Intensity Workouts

Theia (et all)- what is the logic in deciding which route to ride on during a workout? Do you choose flat so you can really be in control? or is it better to choose a hilly route to really challenge yourself and control rest periods with easier gear/ ring? Thoughts?

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When you are in workout mode- even though NOT erg-workoutmode- it still doesn’t matter. You dont feel the gradient. You can manipulate the resistance using your gears on the bike or “slope” in the companion app (same place where ERG is enabled) I usually use my gears but sometimes hittig the correct watts with cadence is inbetween gears, then I use the + / - on slope.


That being said, I try to chose new routes every time to get my compledet route badge :smiley:


What @Silje said. But for the visual interest, if the workout is practicing climbing skills I will choose a hilly route, if it is a fast on the flats sort of workout, I will choose a flat course. This, even though in workout mode, it doesn’t matter. So really, you can choose whatever route you want to :smiley:


@Stefanie same here. I really don’t like going up hills (very slowly) when I meant to be going fast on the flats!! Or being on a climb when I am on a sprint interval