Common Cycling Training Mistakes

Hello All! I just finished listening to this podcast and it is a great compilation of important topics regarding cycling training. Some of the terminology is a bit technical, but the hosts do a good job at explaining things.

Worth a listen. Feel free to post any questions or comments/share experiences regarding any of the topics covered!

I listened to it on the way to the Marmotte last week - I agree, a good listen and really interesting.

I loved the bit re “making the easy too hard and the hard too easy”. So cyclists tend to train in “moderato” and don’t make the gains they want to.

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Yes! And here is where group rides come in as well, and as an example… too many group rides typically mean riding “in moderato” and not training/stimulating the power zones that promote growth and performance.

I’m planning to recruit some buddies with similar goals for winter training this year so that we agree the purpose of each ride before we go out.

Although there is a lot of enjoyment in group rides, and we do mostly do this for fun, so I wouldn’t want to lose that either!

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