Core and Glutes Activation Workout

As promised in our discussion of the importance of core activation exercises, here is the video demonstrating some of the most effective glutes activation exercises to prevent injury on the bike:


Thank you so much @Coach_Theia. You are awesome and I know you’re tired with the puppy keeping you up, so this is very much appreciated. Also, I just wanted to say you are looking so strong! :muscle:

You are welcome @Lindsy! I am sure these will help. Thanks for your kind words. As for looking strong, I started strength (heavy lifting) 6 weeks ago and it’s amazing how it has already made a difference.

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@Coach_Theia thank you for putting this together. I watched it and was giggling to myself as there are some of these moves that I would look like a turtle on its back. I don’t have enough range of motion to do those bridge moves! I can only aspire to do them as smoothly as you! I’ll add a couple to my current strength training. My trainer has me doing core and PCA exercises. Two which I can’t do at the gym currently due to the equipment. So I can add a couple of these. And yup, you are looking mighty fine and strong!

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I couldn’t remember them all so I’ll have to write them down but maybe it helped me get all the way through 1.3.2, today! I’m also planning to do them before my runs. Thank You!

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thank you @gosimrr

Oh love these! I am going to start adding them in when I do core :grin:


I started them today by doing the first three exercises and could definitely feel my glutes having to work! So hoping this will help my back to heal by recruitng my glutes to work properly. Thanks again! :+1:

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@Coach_Theia, For the exercise where you are standing on the chair, I cannot go down that far and control it, should I just dip as far as I can with control?

Yes- and that will still provide you with the benefit of the workout.

@Coach_Theia do I get extra points for doing the Core workout with a 18 lb cat sitting on my head? He just attracts me every time I lay down on the mat.


Lol. I was wondering the same thing. My 95 pound lab gets all over me when I try and do my core exercises. He thinks the new curtsy lunges means he should start jumping on me, too. I wish I had a pic to share. The funniest thing he does is during the bird dogs as he goes and flips underneath me.


Haha 70 lbs lab/husky/rotweiler mix does the same. I need to set up my go pro camera next time


My cats love to do yoga with me or jump on my back for added weight. They are also very effective at lying underneath during planks, just daring you to drop.

Fergus was the best at it;you can see how he used to camouflage his tail. Miss my yoga/Zwift buddy.


I’m glad I’m not alone in this head butting. And yes Boomer jumps on my back during planks or downward dog (cat). But the rear nails hurt if he needs to keep his balance. Love our workout buddies.


My furry friends just sleep when I do workouts. Meggan on her bed or on my bed she just sleeps. She’s also a 70 pound pit bull who I would not want jumping on me.


Furry workout friends are the best! My dog HATES when I do plyos, he can’t understand what I am doing so he jumps right along and barks nonstop! :grin:

I have added more glute strength in so these moves are great. I’m noticing since my knee injury my left leg is weaker than my right, so I have decided to to do more individual leg work in addition to the legs doing exercises together (like leg presses - doing one leg at a time vs both legs working together). It’s easy to compensate for the weaker side without realizing it. What is easy for one leg is hard for the other. Much more focus required but its coming along. I’m off for a long weekend of skiing, send prayers I come back in one piece! :grimacing:


@Coach_Theia this is maybe not a question you can answer, but when I do the one legged squats/pistol squats from core 3, there is a strange thing going on. When i squat my right leg, I can sort of adjust my balance/weight to go all the way down, and maybe one rep going up. I feel I have good form when doing this. With the left leg its light years away from managing this. Its not just about strenght, my balance/ROM everythings is awkward, my knee points sort of inward and I can fire up the muscle needed. This is also the side I have/have had severe hip pain (better now) I am going to my therapy guy next week, but I am so curious what is the weak link. I do believe there is a small weak link not working making the whole chain of movement not working at all… I understand if this is impossible to answer :smiley:

These pictures are the best!!! Definitely extra points @Luv2bike!

Every time we get down on the floor our furry babies think it’s play time!! So funny!! Kai paws me and licks me then eventually settles… on top of my mat, taking half the space. Now that we have Luna, I just keep them upstairs because she is still too young. I would not dare bringing one down and not the other- Luna would be devastated! :rofl:

@Silje yes, you are correct that it’s hard for me to identify the issue. In the meantime, it might be better for you to do the exercise shown on the video instead- the one where you go down from standing on the chair. If I had to venture a guess, I’d say it has probably something to do with glutes!

@meganherzog perfect approach on doing one leg at a time. I’d also recommend starting with the weaker leg.

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@Coach_Theia I don’t seem to be able to access the video anymore - is it an issue my end?
I’ve been trying to be good :innocent: and take time to activate my glutes before I jump on the bike. I’ve noticed that I really feel the difference but also find that part way through the workout my glutes decide they don’t want to be play anymore… is this normal and is there a way to reactivate whilst still in the bike?