Core Strength for Women Who Ride

Hey there ladies,

Just wanted to let you know that my membership The Endurance Hub will be opening up again on THURSDAY!
We’ve got some 360Velo gals inside the membership. I give you weekly core strength workouts - 28 minutes or less - designed to help you endure long hours on the bike as well as help you do the thing we don’t do while riding so that you can preserve your spinal mobility and range of motion (yes, that’s what your core is for :wink:

Join the waitlist here

Also, tomorrow we’re doing a 3 day Plank Challenge, just for fun :wink:
That’s happening in my Facebook group here.

LMK if you have any questions!


Hi @alexis - just signed up & did the Find Your Core lessons. Your tutorials were great & I really appreciate the explanations as well as the tips. Also things like the lady bug house really resonate with me. Thanks & looking forward to learning more & getting stronger. Ann


You will love this program. I just completed week 21 and it is fabulous and varied each week. Have fun!!


Yes! Glad to have you!!