Credit to Coach!

One of my pet hates in sport are those athletes that run around after trying something “New” ( That they were probably given at an expo ) for a week and claim its made a massive improvement for their performance.

One thing I have learnt over the years is that in order to benefit from something you need to give it time. When making a commitment to Theia I believe we agreed to give it 6 months. You need time to figure out the different approach but most importantly you need to form some type of trust. You wouldn’t hand over a scalpel to a friend and ask them to cut open your knee and scrape out the scar tissue. So why would you take advice from a friend on pushing your body to its maximum potential over a 12 week training block.

Although my first major race, after moving to Theia, is still two weeks away I feel it important that credit is given based on what Theia has done for me over the past 9 months. Race day is my problem but I’ve enough experience to know that I’m in great shape.

I do believe the trust was formed fairly quickly which meant I generally got on with the program. Certainly some highs and some lows but Theia was always able to find the positives. Working and building on the weak points while further strengthing the strong points. Always able to adjust to my own schedule with an overview of the final goal.

Her attention to detail, every little detail even questions around the time I’m waking up on race morning, have been so professional. I’d like to think she’s learnt a few things from the crazy world of triathlon too but if anyone is having second thoughts about using her as a coach I can’t recommend her highly enough. This goes for both the gents and ladies.

Thanks Theia!

P.S. If you can afford it get a direct drive smart trainer! ( Unfortunately I wasn’t given one at an Expo! )


@garronmosley Thank you so much for your feedback. It means a lot to me, specially coming from such a talented and experienced athlete as you. I have certainly learned quite a bit from working with you, and it’s been very valuable.

Thank you again. Your words inspire me to keep improving and get me excited to work harder!

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@garronmosley very well said! I am a huge fan of @Coach_Theia :heart: I placed 2 in 40+ last year and I credit my long term training with her - I trusted in her and it came through for me!! Good luck on your race :trophy::trophy:


Thank you so much @Michelle! I am only a guide :heart: you guys do all the work, day in, and day out.

Well said @garronmosley! Trust is vital, it goes both ways. Good luck on your race!

You are a rockstar @mpatton! You had such an amazing race season. I was cheering you on from Minnesota the whole time! :muscle:

I never thought I would need or want a coach, after all what does a 50 something relatively new to cycling need a coach for? My burgeoning pro career? Ha! But then @Coach_Theia came along, first as a friend and then as a coach and I have never felt so strong and confident in my life! 100-mile gravel race? Sure, no problem! 24-hour alley cat race? Bring it! Bike commuting to work, riding around the trails with my husband, just having a great time and feeling good? Yeah, that’s what it’s all about. Thank you Theia! :heart:


Thank you so much @Stefanie it’s been amazing to see your progress! Your dedication got you where you are today!


Wow, fabulous result @mpatton!!

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Big shout out to @garronmosley for crushing some hard conditions at the IRONMAN 70.3 South Africa last Sunday to finish 1st in his Age Group! Congrats Garron!!


Woo hoo :partying_face: great work @garronmosley :muscle:t2::clap:

Congratulations @garronmosley! So awesome!!!:tada:

Wow!! Congrats! :clap:

Wow great job!!!

Super impressive! Congrats @garronmosley!

Let me pile on: I am really enjoying these workouts. After some major health issues and other personal obstacles, taking care of myself has become a priority. It is highly unlikely I will ever be competitive and that isn’t why I am here. I am loving the workouts and the structure and the absolute positivity I get from looking at this message board and everyone on it and from @Coach_Theia!


Great going @garronmosley